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Biopsy done - no results yet

amandrose Member Posts: 1

Hello - I had a biopsy left breast on Thursday 4 July - my 65th birthday!! It was just one area on the inner, underside of my left breast. My previous mammo was 2019 with no concerns, then I had a thermograph two years ago and no sign of anything then. I can't even feel anything myself although the radiologist said she "thought" she could - she was very rough though, far more than I am on myself.

I get my results on Wednesday 10th so I know I am jumping the gun here - it might be (and I pray it is) nothing - but I am so scared and I am all alone in the world - I have nobody to share this with, speak to or get any comforting words from.

I live alone and have no children thanks to ovarian cancer and complete hysterectomy when I was 34 although I have no suspicions that the two are linked at all. I do have two dogs though who I took over from my late partner when he died 5 years ago from kidney cancer. Previous to that, they had lost their original mum to cancer four years prior and so I am desperate beyond words that I stay alive long enough to see them out - I couldn't bear for them to go through all this again and have to have yet new parents.

So I just wanted to say hello - and wonder if anybody has any words of encouragement for me. I have nobody to attend my results appointment with. My legs are still like jelly, my stomach is constantly churning although I have just eaten my first half a breakfast this morning since the biopsy - I just feel constantly sick with worry and have ongoing diarrhoea from a gastric episode just before all this happened so I don't suppose that is going to clear up in a hurry.

I look forward to hearing from … someone - thank you. Love to you all.



  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 8,287

    Oh, @amandrose , it sounds like you have been through quite a bit in your life, and so sorry you are having this new worry. Most lumps are benign! Distraction is the best thing in the meantime, as we so understand that the waiting for test results can be extremely stressful.

    Do you have anyone who could come with you? A friend, family member or neighbor?

    We are sending you gentle hugs are are here for you.

    🤗 Your Mods

  • maggie15
    maggie15 Member Posts: 1,081

    Hi @amandrose , I'm sorry that you have to go through this stressful time on your own. If you can't think of a neighbor, former coworker or fellow dog mom to invite to your appointment you could contact the hospital chaplain or social workers' office. Sometimes there is an employee there who will attend appointments with people who are on their own or they contact a trained vetted volunteer who accompanies those who need support and help taking notes on what the doctor has to say.

    When I was waiting for my biopsy by myself (my husband can't handle anything medical) I must have looked worried since someone approached me, introduced himself as an employee of the chaplain's office and asked if I needed to talk or have someone go with me. I thanked him and while I declined his offer that's how I found out this service was available. Hopefully you can find someone to attend the appointment with you and the biopsy results are good. All the best!