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Posted on: Dec 9, 2018 12:23PM

Posted on: Dec 9, 2018 12:23PM

crosie wrote:

My mom died on Friday. I miss her so much. If you knew her and have anything to share about her please do so. I am craving learning more about her.

She had BC for 17 years, the last 7 years with mets. She was tough as nails and fought with treatments until literally the last 10 days of her life. It's so surreal right now.

She was 58 when she died. I am 27. She was my best friend, my role model and the greatest mom in the world. I pick up my phone at least 10 times a day to text her. I constantly think she's in the other room in my parents house. I hear her in my head when I am thinking.

Wow I miss her. She loved this community and it was such a source of comfort for her. Hoping the same can happen for me.

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May 5, 2019 09:35PM - edited May 5, 2019 09:41PM by crosie

Thanks to everyone for your sweet words. This really is a special online community she had!! I am lucky to have found you and to hear from you. That's very unique, I think.

Micmel, happy to hear about your scans. I love your rainbow pic, how awesome is that!! It's funny you mentioned the beautiful song mom was really into birds (I told her that was a very "old lady thing" to do...) And planted lantana to get hummingbirds to come by her garden. I saw one over spring break in Arizona visiting her uncle (my great uncle). It was very sweet, seemed like she was saying "good job visiting Uncle Harry, he's old! Hold his hand and be sweet to him".

In January I got a tattoo of a hummingbird on my foot to remind me of her. She totally had hummingbird energy. Very busy, very special...

I will try to see if I can upload a pic (I'm the world's worst millennial).

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May 5, 2019 09:44PM crosie wrote:

This is one of my all-time favorites of her. She was just that kind of person everyone wanted to be around.

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May 5, 2019 09:47PM - edited May 5, 2019 09:49PM by joanne58

Adding my hugs for you and warm thoughts of your sweet mom, Crosie. I believe Micmel is right, that we may have the honor to be close to the loved ones we've left behind. We all mourn with you, dear dauther of Susan. Thank you for allowing us to listen to you here and send our best with love.

(We were typing at the same time, Crosie. Just saw your pics and sweet posts. Wonderful!! Keep 'em coming!)

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May 6, 2019 06:11PM feelingfeline wrote:

Love to you Crosie. XXX

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May 6, 2019 06:42PM - edited May 6, 2019 06:42PM by micmel

looks to me is if she maybe thinking of taking flight in that picture. I believe she is a hummingbird, your hummingbird. You sweet lovely daughter. Hugs to you beautiful ladies. They are as far as our heart. Carry a picture with you. Everyday, write down a funny memory you shared with her in a memory book and read it to your child. She is always with you. Her blood runs through your veins. Never forget that ever!

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