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Topic: Are MRI's necessary after mastectomy

Forum: Second or Third Breast Cancer — For those confronting a new primary diagnosis or undergoing treatment.

Posted on: Sep 12, 2021 01:08PM

dontwantthis wrote:


I had a bilateral mastectomy after my 2nd breast cancer (same breast). I understand that even after a mastectomy there is a small chance of a reoccurence (very frightening (, so I am wondering if you get MRI's after your mastectomy?

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Sep 12, 2021 01:56PM LivinLife wrote:

I know some have scans after mastectomy. I think most do not have any scans. I think insurance is not interested in paying for scans after mastectomy b/c recurrence risk is lower. .... I think some providers don't think it's necessary unless something suspicious arises as well. I had BMX and no scans. I only meet with my onc every 6 months for manual exam. And even at that it was one firm pat on my armpit and one firm pat on my left side and that was it! I"m sure she eyeballed my scar line.... If there's anything suspicious then I'm sure they would schedule either an ultrasound or MRI depending on the concern.

with expansive comedo necrosis & weak ER/PR Dx 7/2020, DCIS, Left, 2cm, Stage 0, Grade 3, 0/1 nodes, ER+/PR+ Surgery 8/30/2020 Mastectomy: Left; Prophylactic mastectomy: Right
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Sep 12, 2021 02:21PM dontwantthis wrote:

I have heard it is possible to do mammograms after a mastectomy (and implants), not sure why they wouldn't at least do that.

When I was finished treatment from my 1st cancer, and released from my Oncologist care, she said to me, I will not need to see you again. 13 years later I was back, so although it is a low risk of reoccurence, I am very anxious and would like to have more then a few pats on my breast, lymph nodes and a look at my scars, to be sure.

We all know the fear of the unknown.


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Sep 12, 2021 03:13PM Spookiesmom wrote:

After the first time around there was no scan of any type. I still had my port, so would see MO every 3 months, and get it flushed. Was ok for 7 years, then I found a pea size lump on the other side. That got a ct with contrast, it lit up.

No scans of any kind since. Unless you have symptoms somewhere, they don’t do scans.

I had bmx first, so can’t speak to mammograms.

First time IDGgrade 3, stage 3. Second time, found lump myself. That made me stage 4. Dx IDC, Stage IIIA, Grade 3
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Sep 12, 2021 10:00PM SuQu31 wrote:

I have an annual mammogram, on both sides, cancer and non-cancer. I had a close margin on the skin side and had a re-excision, but my surgeon and I agreed it is reasonable to keep a close eye on things and hope to find any recurrence before it becomes invasive. I believe the plan is that I will have the mammograms for five years.

Every case is so different, but I think a mammogram is a reasonable compromise between no scans and MRIs, which are quite expensive. I would talk to my doctor about my concerns.

Re-excision for close anterior margin 10 days after BMX. Dx 10/31/2018, DCIS, Left, Stage 0, Grade 3, ER-/PR- Dx 12/10/2018, DCIS, Left, 2cm, Stage 0, Grade 3, 0/3 nodes, ER-/PR- Surgery 12/10/2018 Lymph node removal: Sentinel; Mastectomy: Left; Prophylactic mastectomy: Right; Reconstruction (left): Latissimus dorsi flap; Reconstruction (right): Latissimus dorsi flap Surgery 12/20/2018 Surgery 9/13/2019 Reconstruction (left): Fat grafting, Silicone implant; Reconstruction (right): Fat grafting, Silicone implant

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