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our "angel" list

junie Member Posts: 784

this is kind of off topic, but...trying to get lots of "christmas stuff" finished early--dh and I, thankfully, will be "away" for most of it.

Trying to get cards addressed to get in mail this next week--and, I had a wee bit of a melt down tonight, going through my little addy book.   One crossed out name after another!  Many names are on the angel list here.  At each name, I stopped and thought about that person--several I'd met in person, others were cyber sisters, but so close to me that I have to stop and think if we ever met in person. 

I thought long and hard about each person--how well I knew them!  Soul Sisters!  How much I loved them and how very much they had helped me over the past few years.   What a bond!  I miss them all so very much.  

New Year's resolution--get a new addy book--but old one will get tucked away into a dresser drawer, not thrown away.   And entries in new book will be in INK!!  

I got side-tracked on writing cards--but my love and thanks go out to the angels who made me stop and think about them and gave me such warm and happy memories this evening......

hugggsssss, angels-----thanks!