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The Next Person Game



  • marejo
    marejo Member Posts: 655

    Nope, I drive a little Ford Focus................

    The next person is sitting on a comfy piece of furniture.

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Member Posts: 4,011

    Yup...since I worked exclusively from home - on the computer - for the last six years...I have a REALLY cushy, comfy, ultra padded, leather office chair!

    The next person is not wearing glasses...she is fortunate enough to HAVE perfect vision!

  • candie1971
    candie1971 Member Posts: 2,467

    Hi Vickie!!!!

    False, I drive a Nissan Sentra...tho it is a sports is not actually a sports car.

    The next person will have ham at their Easter dinner tomorrow.

  • WellWater
    WellWater Member Posts: 4,524

    Candie - you answered a statement on the wrong page - but hey no sweat, we are all a tad chemo-brain addled.

    Laura - I do not wear glasses because I had Lasik eye surgery back in 1996 - before it was approved by the FDA here - I flew to Canada to have it done!  How's that for bravery!! And it worked perfectly.

    The next person will be seeing their dentist this coming week.

  • LoriFL
    LoriFL Member Posts: 587

    False- no ham on Easter

    False- no dentist work next week

    The next person has never been to Disney World.

  • WellWater
    WellWater Member Posts: 4,524

    False - Been there many times but prefer Universal Studios

    The next person loves waterparks

  • MissShapen
    MissShapen Member Posts: 3,963

    True! I love waterparks. If you're gonna keep me outside in the summer heat, at least give me a pool!

    The next person has several houseplants.

  • CurlyGirly
    CurlyGirly Member Posts: 425

    True - 25 or more

    The next person has nail polish on their toenails.  

  • newter
    newter Member Posts: 2,670

    True, I still have a teeny tiny bit left over from last summer.  Looking forward to redoing and wearing sandals.

    I am seeing the dentist this week.

    Next person likes using chopsticks when eating Chinese food.

  • gsg
    gsg Member Posts: 1,700

    False.  I've never been able to get the hang of them.

    The next person has pretty handwriting. 

  • MissShapen
    MissShapen Member Posts: 3,963

    False, how I wish I did. My handwriting is atrocious.

    The next person has junk in the back seat of their car.

  • Isabella4
    Isabella4 Member Posts: 1,352 passion.

     I'm on my 4th sports car.

    Funny story. I was driving slowly down a road, window open. 2 teens waiting to cross said 'Look at that f****ng granny in a f****ng car like that'....ooooo, I could have run over them !!!!

    Next person likes motor sport.


  • WellWater
    WellWater Member Posts: 4,524

    What is a motor sport?  If it's golfing in a golf cart then yeah - or if it's snowmobiling, yepper.  But if it's watching the Indy 500 then it's false.

    And my car looks like a family of 5 is living in it - how embarrassing is that????

    Isabella - I hope you flipped those brats a good one!

    The next person works out at a health club religiously.

  • candie1971
    candie1971 Member Posts: 2,467

    lol,guggerty, I need to pay more attention

  • candie1971
    candie1971 Member Posts: 2,467

    True/ do go to a health club for an aquacise class, I go 2-3 x per week...I should go religously more days a week.

    The next person has a beautiful,sunny day today.

  • MissShapen
    MissShapen Member Posts: 3,963

    True... gorgeous day here in Virginia!

    The next person likes to go to the mall.

  • Pepper_B
    Pepper_B Member Posts: 173


    The next person has grandchildren

  • auntiec
    auntiec Member Posts: 2

    False, I would rather walk in the woods or on a mountain trail.

    the next person has false fingernails

  • newter
    newter Member Posts: 2,670

    False to both grandchildren and false fingernails. 

    The next person is active on other boards

  • Lynn12
    Lynn12 Member Posts: 115

    false, is is the only one

    the next person can type without looking at the keyboard

  • gsg
    gsg Member Posts: 1,700

    True.  I've been typing for more than 30 years.

    the next person once wore braces. 

  • WellWater
    WellWater Member Posts: 4,524

    True - I can type 120wpm - at least I could when I graduated in 1966 - now, probably 60wpm BUT I know my keyboard like the back of my hand.

    the next person loves live theater

  • newter
    newter Member Posts: 2,670

    false to theater (never really saw any)

    true to braces, now I need to save for both of my kids.

    Next person loved watching Seinfeld

  • gsg
    gsg Member Posts: 1,700

    True...favorite episode would be either spongeworthy or the contest, but it's hard to decide.

    The next person changes her sheets faithfully once a week. 

  • twink
    twink Member Posts: 550

    False Embarassed my housekeeping skills (interest?) are pitiful lately

    The next person ate chocolate today.

  • joykeeperorg
    joykeeperorg Member Posts: 33

    True had some yummy chocolate chip cookies

    The next person slept in today.

  • evilelf
    evilelf Member Posts: 274

    OH so true, the power went out last night..

    The next person has/had a motorcycle at one time in their life

  • MissShapen
    MissShapen Member Posts: 3,963

    True - at least my ex did and we used to ride.

    The next person watches Big Brother.

  • Barb1953
    Barb1953 Member Posts: 258

    true/false---use to, but not anymore.

    the next person is still stuffed from Easter dinner !

  • candie1971
    candie1971 Member Posts: 2,467

    False, I am eating a bowl of cereal right now

    Next person has to work tomorrow.