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Anyone had a cold during chemo?

I caught my children's cold. I was so careful, made everyone wash their hands, washed mine a lot, made them not get in my face, no kissing or hugging for a few days. Yet I still caught it. I am halfway through my chemo, had my 4th dose of Taxol on Tuesday.  I don't want to delay my treatments, I want to go straight through and get them done. Have any of you caught colds during chemo? Did you feel even worse than with a normal cold? Did you have to delay treatment? Did you take anything to get better or relieve symptoms?



  • Bugs
    Bugs Member Posts: 21
    edited September 2008


    I caught a whopper half way through my treatment.  It did hang on a bit longer...but nothing out of the ordinary.  No delay in treatment at all.

    Feel better!


  • RIV54
    RIV54 Member Posts: 2
    edited September 2008

    I had a mild cold during chemo. Its also a good idea to get as much rest as possible and chicken soup really does help. Check with your dr about what else you can take to relieve symptoms.

  • lisa39
    lisa39 Member Posts: 8
    edited September 2008

    I caught several colds from my kids during chemo.  It was during the winter, so cold season was in full swing.  I found they lasted longer and the symptoms (sore throat, runny nose, general malaise) were noticeably worse.  I was on a once every 3rd week chemo schedule, so I never had to delay treatment.  Try lots of fluids and as much sleep as you can get to try and shake it.


  • mommy3abm
    mommy3abm Member Posts: 3
    edited September 2008

    I caught one too, just last week.  I didn't notice a difference in how it affected me though.  I know that is unusual.  I did call my onco nurse and she said to make sure I took my temp at least 3 times a day.  If it was over 100.5 I should call them right away.  Hope this helps!

  • 4thefather
    4thefather Member Posts: 5
    edited September 2008

    I did take my temp quite often, and it got to 100.2, but then went back down. I have hot flashes from chemopause and now cold chills from this virus. How fun!! I did not sleep well at all last night and I have to pick up my son at noon, so I don't know how much rest I will get today. I do want to get over this as soon as possible because it is miserable enough going through the side effects of chemo. It sucks even more to add the symptoms of a cold on top of it. Thanks everyone!


  • candie1971
    candie1971 Member Posts: 2,467
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    Hi Cathie,

    I started chemo with a cold....I thought they were gonna postpone but they didn't. Then had another one towards the end of treatment. But I couldn't tell whether I felt crappy just from the chemo or combo of chemo/cold. I figured if I was gonna feel crappy anyway...might as well be crappy all at once. Best wishes.

    Hugs and prayers,


  • 4thefather
    4thefather Member Posts: 5
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     I hear ya there. I guess the hardest part for me right now is not sleeping night after night after night. I want to sleep!!


  • wishiwere
    wishiwere Member Posts: 934
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    I ended up with tonsilitus twice during A/C.  After the 2nd and 3rd if I remember rigth. My pcp put me on antibiotics, just as a precaution and I had no delay in tx.

  • vhqh
    vhqh Member Posts: 11
    edited September 2008

    I was on a 3 week cycle and came down with a flu bug about 5 days after my second chemo.  I called the onc at about 11:00 at night when my temperature spiked up, he had be go in the next day to have my blood counts checked.  Counts were still good so I was sent up to see my PCP who did a strep test that came back negative.  PCP prescribed antibiotics and a mouth swizzle for the severe sore throat.  I felt horrid for about a week but was well enough to get round 3 right on schedule.

  • Kinclan
    Kinclan Member Posts: 2
    edited September 2008

    I got a cold from this sick man in the oncologists office!  He was coughing all over and I wound up having him sitting 2 seats away from me.  I called my onc office and they put me on an antibiotic.

    I also had a flu bug during it and my expander got infected which was like BAD flu symtoms and that put me in hospital for 2 full weeks.

    Oh well the Lord helps us be strong.  God Bless

  • Joe13
    Joe13 Member Posts: 1
    edited October 2008

    I caught a cold under chemo but the remedy to that is to wear a very thick wool scarf around your neck all day n especially atnight to sweat the cold out of ur body , drink a lot of tea with honey, n eat oranges n kiwi.

    don't take vitamines C cause they say it interfers with chemo drugs by making them less powerful.

    just get ur vitamines from fruits.

    Lots of love!

  • CelineFlower
    CelineFlower Member Posts: 145
    edited October 2012

    i think im getting a cold...

    i cant take honey, seems its dangerous as its unpasturized...

    taking vit d and water.,..

    i feelso tired

  • emerald0320
    emerald0320 Member Posts: 7
    edited November 2012

    I see you had taxol in your treatment and I want to ask you how you got through it? I just had my first dose of taxol out of 4 and its pretty painful. So what helped you?

  • 4thefather
    4thefather Member Posts: 5
    edited November 2012

    I was honestly very sick with my first treatments and was in bed most of the two weeks. I am now 4-1/2 years out and doing very well! I will pray for comfort for you as you go through treatments and for healing!

  • Z28Femme
    Z28Femme Member Posts: 9
    edited April 2013

    I seem to have caught a cold or the flu. Symptoms started about 5 days ago, but I was associating them with allergies! Now I have a fever of 100.5, severe body aches, sore throat with nose bleeds. I'm not sure if my last Taxol treatment on April 4th is to blame for some of those symptoms. It kind of kicked into high gear yesterday morning with the achiness and severe congestion. Fever went up a bit today but my hubby called the onc and they didn't seem too concerned as my blood work is looking okay at the moment. Any advice for the aches?!

  • Timbuktu
    Timbuktu Member Posts: 1,423
    edited April 2013

    I caught a cold from another passenger on a plane.  My husband had it for two days.  I had it for over 2 weeks.  i wasn't sure I would be ok for the infusion, which was given every 3 weeks.  But I did make it, just in the nick of time.

  • denise-g
    denise-g Member Posts: 353
    edited April 2013

    I got a cold during Chemo, but my Nurse Practitioner made me come in and see her

    before Chemo to make sure I was okay.  I was able to proceed because she thought

    I looked good!  LOL!

  • WendyVaughn78
    WendyVaughn78 Member Posts: 2
    edited April 2017

    I don't know if this is allowed on here...the only thing that's helping me thru these treatments is THC, little edible marijuana chocolates. That first night is like hell but with the chocolates, I sleep right thru it.

  • WendyVaughn78
    WendyVaughn78 Member Posts: 2
    edited April 2017

    usually when I get a cold, I feel like it stays in my throat. I feel now as though this is wet and yucky and has moved into my lungs. I'm having trouble taking deep breaths. I'm going to the doctor today.