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2 lumps in one breast...

lil_rach Member Posts: 1
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hi i found 2 lumps one on my left breast at the top and a one under it ive not been worried about it but since ive been reading about because i was concernd now im started to worrie. ive had like tiny lumps before and just just went. so now im kinda worried as they have not gone or grow but still there. just dont understand it. anyone got any advice?



  • idaho
    idaho Member Posts: 53
    edited April 2009

    You definitely need to get them checked out.  Don't wait.  Call your Doctor and make an appointment.  Have you had a mammogram before?  If not you should probably start with that.  Good luck to you - our thoughts are with you.  Tami

  • Member Posts: 1,435
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    Rachx, all lumps should be checked out but most lumps turn out to be nothing serious at all, so try not to worry.

    The most common type of lump is a cyst, which is a fluid-filled lump.  Some women are prone to cysts and get lots of them - when I was in my 30s and 40s, that was my situation. I can't even remember how many cysts I had. Cysts can change size at different times of your monthly cycle and they can disappear on their own.  It's also not unusual to have more than one at a time.  The best way to detect a cyst is with an ultrasound.

    Another common type of lump is a fibroadenoma.  This is the most common lump in younger women - teens and in their 20s .  I had two when I was young.  Fibroadenomas are solid but they too can change size with your monthly cycle (although mine never did).  Ultrasounds are also best at detecting fibroadenomas.

    Definitely call your doctor to get this checked out.  Both cysts and fibroadenomas are harmless, but you do want to find out if this is what you have, rather than something else.  I don't know how old you are, but if you are younger (in your 20s), then an ultrasound may be more appropriate than a mammogram.  Younger women tend to have denser breasts and ultrasounds are more effective at seeing through dense breast tissue. If you are in your 30s or older, then your doctor may start you with a mammogram although because ultrasounds are best at detecting cysts and fibroadenomas, you may be sent for an ultrasound as well.

  • kibbles
    kibbles Member Posts: 4
    edited April 2009

    I also had two lumps in one breast, one in the other.  Now two are gone (excisional biopsy) and I only have one tiny one remaining (that we're going to continue to monitor).  Both of the excised lumps were benign fibroadenomas.  Both were quite large, both were tender, and one changed with my menstrual cycle (I could actually tell that it would get larger prior to my period, and it would start to hurt.  Then it would get much smaller.)  My gyn found one lump, ultrasound found another, and then one year later I found a third.  So in the span of one year, I had three fibroadenomas. 

  • Eleanor2018
    Eleanor2018 Member Posts: 1
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    Hello, I have found the same thing. I’m just wondering how you went with it all? I guess I’m now as worried as you and won’t find out for another week.

  • moderators
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    Hi there Eleanor,

    Welcome to the community!

    Just letting you know that this thread has been inactive since 2009 so you may not receive any responses to your post here. You can always create your own topic in this forum as you will likely get answers from other members by doing so.

    FYI: Eight out of 10 lumps that women feel in their breasts are benign (not cancerous). A benign lump can be a collection of normal or hyperactive breast gland cells, or it may be a water-filled sac (cyst). In any event, if you feel a lump and you're worried about it, DON'T HESITATE TO SEE A DOCTOR. By getting a doctor to check the lump you'll ease your fears. And if it's something serious, you can start getting treatment right away.

    The Mods.