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has anyone had sore/swollen breast after exam?

trishh Member Posts: 1
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hello,  I am thankful to have found this forum because everyone around me is telling me not to worry and it is so hard not to worry.  Here is what happened to me...

I went to my annual gynie appointment that was she did the breast exam and found a lump in left breast.  it was close to my period so she said to wait until after and check to see if it is still there.  since i was not real sure if i was feeling a lump or not i went back to her to check.  she said it was still there.  she said to get a mammogram and sonogram.  the appoinmen was tues...i scheduled the mammogram for thursday...well between tues and wed night my left breast started hurting and getting wed night it was hurting pretty bad and i was trying to wait to the mammogram appointment the next day but my husband said to go to the er.  I went to the er and the doctor checked "for infection" and there were no signs of it and told me to wait and see what the mammogram says the next day.  I took ibuprophen for the pain.  I did not have fever or it is not warm to touch.... well friday i called the gynie office and told them about the pain and swelling...the doctor was not in and the lady that answered the phone said to keep taking ibuprophren and if i get a fever go to er.  so i waited over the weekend with a swollen breast and pain.  Well monday the results came in and the mammogram and sonogram did not pick up the lump so the ob/gyn said to schedule an appointment with a breast surgean to be sure... by tuesday i was in so much pain so i went to the er.  The doctor said that he felt the lump and it was what he would consider small.  he said he checked the mammogram results and they were clear.  he gave me some antibiotics and pain medicine and told me to go see the breast surgeon.  So my appointment with the breast surgean is for next wed.  the swelling has gone down some, not 100% but it is going down.  And the pain is still there but seems to be lessoning too.  I just find it odd that the swelling and pain started soon after the second exam...has anyone else experienced this....

Sorry this is so long.  it is just so scary...thanks for any input..