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neck pain- not mets?


Just wondering if there are stories out there of neck pain that turned out to be--- arthritis? Stress? Too much computer use? Anyone experience burning at the nape of the neck & btw shoulder blades?   Stiffness.  Obviously- quite worried.  ok. No terrified.  The crying/irrational kind.  Trying to remember there can be other causes..... Bone scan tomorrow.



  • iodine
    iodine Member Posts: 869
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    Yes, you've mentioned most of the usual causes of neck, shoulder and upper back problems.  I had it so bad with a new car that I traded the dang thing and only found out a couple years later that it was stress.  I was "stuffing" it all in my neck and left shoulder. 

    Try an ice pack for 20 min. followed by moist heat (wet face cloth in a plastic bag, dish towel under it and a heating pad over it) for 20 min.  This along with a hot shower should offer some relief.  You can also use an over the counter NSAIDs: aleve, IBprophen, etc.  for a couple of days.

    You will be amazed at how good the ice pack will feel!

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  • Sassa
    Sassa Member Posts: 98
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    Yes, I had horrible neck pain and couldn't bend my head back, turn to the either side, or bend my head down toward my shoulders.  The oncologist sent me in for xrays and the results came back as a possible cervical spine fracture (only a cancer patient would consider a possible broken neck to be good news!!!). After a MRI, the neck fracture was ruled out (had compressed disc in my neck). 

    Turns out that while I did the simple little exercises that I was given after my mastectomies, they were not enough.  My muscles (neck, shoulders, upper back, chest) were so frozen up I couldn't move.  Six weeks of physical therapy helped; I have continued with an exercise program and visits to a massage therapist. 

  • americanpinay
    americanpinay Member Posts: 30
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    Yes, neck pains and shoulder pains that I attribute to stress and tamoxifen. Wishing you great results on your bone scan tomorrow. Hang in there.

  • BonnieK
    BonnieK Member Posts: 271
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    Yes, I had terrible neck, shoulder and arm pain shortly after finishing rads and it turned out to be bone spurs that had formed near a previous neck fusion surgery.  The pain still bothers me at times, mostly when I'm really tired or stressed. 

    Hope the results of your bone scan are clear.  Take care and try not to worry too much.

  • smerf
    smerf Member Posts: 476
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    Julie,I'm so sorry you're going through this. Keep in mind how many people have back issues, and that can happen from the neck all the way down. I had something similar a few years ago, though it was in my lower back. MRI showed spinal stenosis, and my husband thought maybe I didn't understand what that is because I was so happy! You know, the orthopod husband. He thought spinal stenosis was serious, but he has never had cancer!

    I'm hoping for the best news, and thinking of you. 

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Member Posts: 27
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    YES I know exactly how you feel.  When I finally got the courage to go to the Dr. He did an ex-ray and I have arthritis in my neck.  The pain is very severe and came on rather quickly. A massage is very helpful, a good therapist can do wonders.  PT was prescribed for me.  heat can help. 

    Keep us posted.

  • carcharm
    carcharm Member Posts: 13
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    Chemo after effects can show up anytime after treatment.I had neck pain 6 months after I was done and it turned out to be arthritis. It can be anything but until you have your test you won't have piece of mind.

  • Juliechicago
    Juliechicago Member Posts: 179
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    Well, verdict is in--- herniated cervical disc-- C5. Ironic, yes-- that this can be good news. Hopefor30-- I hope your news is good as well.  -j

  • Sassa
    Sassa Member Posts: 98
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    Yea, Julie!! I forgot to say that besides my compressed disc, I also had a herniated disc.

    Ask for physical therapy. The exercises you will be given for your neck, shoulders and back will help with the pain as your strengthen and loosen the muscles.  Be aware, however, that as you loosen the muscles and things pull differently, you will still sometimes ache or hurt. But eventually, you will be pain free if you continue with an exercise program after PT to strengthen and increase flexibility of your core.

  • smerf
    smerf Member Posts: 476
    edited February 2011

    So glad to hear what it is not, Julie! Herniated disc is no fun, but the better of the possibilities for sure. Hoping you are not in too much pain.

    hopefor 30..I hope you get good results too, and you don't have to injure yourself to get a herniated disc. Sometimes it is just one of those things that happen, and you don't know it until you get symptoms.

  • ststella
    ststella Member Posts: 4
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    1. If you are an office clerk, you first need to adjust your sitting position and computer height. With the computer screen parallel to the head, an ergonomic office chair is best.

    2. Exercise is the best solution. Sticking to yoga exercises for the neck and shoulders, it worked well for my neck pain relief.

    3. Use a electric heating pad for neck pain. My mother suffered from neck pain for a long time, and the neck heating pad with massage function relieved her neck pain. Mother says it is super soft to use.

  • KBeee
    KBeee Member Posts: 695
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    I get PT at least once a month for shoulder issues, and sometimes they work on neck things too. Hoping you get relief.

  • minustwo
    minustwo Member Posts: 12,818
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    Yes Julie - PT for sure. THen exercise, exercise, exercise. And maybe find a good massage therapist.