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My kids are motivated

I am new to this site.  Diagnosed on March 3rd.  The first week was hell for my girls.  I have three daughters, ages 20, 22 and 27.  They cried for the first week, then their anger came out.  Week 2, at our family dinner night, The  27 year old (school teacher) said, "OK, now it time to make a move, let's stop crying and do something that is going to make a difference".  They have decided to start a team to walk in the "Walk for a Cure" on mothers day, down in Philadelphia. Talk about ambition, they have named their team "Breast Friends Forever", have sold 300 shirts, have 125 team members walking with them and raise over a $1000 for breast cancer research and people are still giving.  I would like to speak to them, and asked if they could donate some of the money they have raise to BCO.  I don't know where I would be right now, if not for this site.  Can someone tell me how a donation can be made.

Thank you