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Spironolactone with Femara?


OK, let's play doctor.  Recently switched from Tamoxifen to Femara (about 2 weeks).  So, first thing in the morning I take my Armour Thyroid and my little yellow Femara.  A few hours later I take my vitamins and Adderall (helps clear the mental fog from chemopause!) 

Aside from the various joint pains, moodiness, headaches, etc., etc., I have hair issues.  My hair was always fine and thin, and it never really came back great after chemo.  Tamoxifen certainly didn't help (unless you count facial hair).  So now I am just dreading the "shedding" side effect of Femara.  I have extensions in my hair right now, but there are definitely thinning/patchy areas on my scalp. On the plus side, I have managed to lose 8 lbs since starting on the Femara (after gaining 20+ on Tamoxifen), so I really want to give this a chance.  

I asked my doctors about spironolactone because I heard it helps with hair regrowth.   My onc told me that it will not conflict with any of my meds, but it isn't something that he knows a lot about.  My dermatologist told me it will help with my hair, but didn't know if it would be bad for the cancer.  Long story short, I have the prescription for 100mg spiro, but I haven't filled it.  Yet. Because spiro is an anti-androgen, some people seem concerned that it may increase the chance of breast cancer (all that unopposed estrogen).  Since I am officially in menopause, have had a bi-lat mx, and am on an anti-estrogen (Femara), I think it is ok?  Also, no studies have actually shown this to be the case.

Is anyone else on spiro? Or have information? Am I overlooking something?  I know the chemo/hormonal fog clouds many of us, but I am hoping together we may have at least one functional brain.