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Collagen supplements

Merilee Member Posts: 734

Has anyone looked into collagen supplementation to offset some of the things that the Als take out of us?  Just curious about what others know. So far my research has not come up with any negative risks.

Benefits that  I have found cited include bone, skin, hair, nails and immune system support.

It works best when taken with Vit C


  • Ruby3813
    Ruby3813 Member Posts: 27
    edited May 2017

    I know this post is ancient, but since no one responded to it, and I'm wondering the same thing, I thought I'd bring it back up.

    I'm wondering if a collagen supplement (a hydrolyzed collagen peptide powder) could help with the bone and joint pain caused by some of the anti-hormonal drugs we need to take. I'm due to start Arimidex in the next week or so and I'm reading a lot of posts about side effects of the being more bone and joint pain.

    However, just when I'm thinking collagen would be a good thing, I'm reading about estrogen and collagen. As I understand it, I don't want my body to PRODUCE more estrogen because that's a bad thing for breast cancer patients.

    Can someone with a chemistry background or someone who just understands all this stuff give me some insight? ChiSandy, BarredOwl....anyone?


  • marycal
    marycal Member Posts: 22
    edited August 2018

    Ruby - I'm looking into this exact thing, and I was so hoping someone with some knowledge on it would've chimed in! Just wanted to comment to bring it back up again. Just in case. Have you found out anymore info on it? Thanks!