Marybe, this is in your honor.  I hope all of us who are donating to BCO will come here and post.  I think you should know all of the women who love, admire, and are praying that your numbers will have come down.  You do so much for so many and are so compassionate, this is the least we can do for you and we will know this cause means a great deal to you!!!!  I am sure I speak for all of us who will post that we wish you well in 2012 and you are AWESOME.  Love and hugs, Joyce


  • badger
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    Thanks Joyce for starting this thread.  Made my donation this afternoon.

    Marybe, I'm praying that the numbers are down.  Love and {{hugs}}

  • Gingerbrew
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    I donated on Thursday evening in honor of Marybe.

     My numbers guess was anything under 6000. :) 


  • chabba
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    I donated earlier too.  Hope the numbers are way down.  Prayers Marybe.

  • Gingerbrew
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    Here is what I posted last night on some threads.Marybe is getting her tumor markers soon. We were sort of joking around and BarbE suggested we have a lottery, I chimed in a raffle with the prize being the satisfaction of winning. I wagered that Marybe's numbers would be under 6000. Then I just decided to go make a BCO donation regardless and now, so I did. It is easy the link is right at the top of the page on the right side, just scroll up. So, as at any board meeting where one is absent, Marybe named me in charge of spreading the word about this so we might get a nice pool of donations going for BCO which has done so much for so many of us.

    It is tax dedutible too and I did donate in honor of Marybe but didn't request she be notified, she might get a big head ya know. Haha

    Here is what Marybe wrote on her thread.

    "Just thought of this....maybe you can spread the word of the contest to some of the other threads, I don't know about honoring me so much because believe me, I am really no one special, BUT wouldn't it be great to raise a bunch of money for BCO since it has given so much to us!? Also, I think you can use it as a tax deduction."

    I hope this has helped a bit to show how easy it is to donate. Just go to the top of the page and there is the button on the right. 


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    OMG, people are going to see my name in the subject line and think I kicked the bucket!!   But it was a very sweet thing for you to do Joyce and I really do appreciate all who donated to BCO in my name and feel honored to be honored.  I am proud to have you all as friends and cannot tell you how much your support has meant to me over the years. 

    For those of you who did not see what I posted on my thread about the tumor markers, the CA 27.29 results from Dec.28, were 7,668......not down, but up.  HOWEVER, they only went up a little over 200 so that is much much better than the 1,000 point jump I had the time before that.  So hopefully that means the Adriamycin is working or at least the brakes have been put on the progress.   Disappointed, yes, but not discouraged since it could have been much much worse.

    Thank you all for your love, encouragement,  and support.   HAPPY 2012!!!   We made it!!.....some of our dear sisters were not so lucky.   We have laughed, loved and cried together.....and I still feel regardless of stage, or what treatments we are doing, we are all in this together and  I am very very thankful for friends like you. 

    Let's all drink a toast (even if it's ensure) to BCO and the new year.  

  • lassie11
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    I just donated too. There is a line to say who the honoree is which I completed - don't know what happens after that. 

    Marybe is quite right that this organization has provided a lot of support to so many of us. It's a good occasion to donate.

  • Alyson
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    Managed to donate - it actually worked this time.

    This is in your honour Marybe, you are an inspiration to all. Thank you.

    Big hugs 


  • hbcheryl
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    I donated earlier on today but when I saw this I logged on on donated a little more to honor you Marybe, you are a true inspiration to us all (((HUG)))

  • BarbaraA
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    I donated in your honor, Marybe, you are an inspiration to me and many others here on BCO.

  • ruthbru
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    I have also donated to BCO in honor of thee, Marybe Smile.
  • FireKracker
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    OMG when i first saw it i did think the worst.

    I will make the donation for you dear Marybe.

    It will be my pleasure.

    OMG when i first saw your name the worst thought came to my mind.

    Sure I will donate in your name.

    I honor YOU!!!!!

    Huggggggggs K

  • moderators
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    We thank you all, though we are not happy for the reason. Marybe, we are thinking of you!
    xo Your Mods