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Tip for Removing Surgical Glue

Spinnerpom Member Posts: 55

Wanted to share this with everyone. At 3.5 weeks post lumpectomy and oncoplastic surgery, I still have stubborn areas of surgical glue remnants on my periaerolar incision, even though the incision itself is well closed and healed. I really hate how "dirty" and unsightly the glue is looking, but I didn't want to pick at the glue, because that was irritating and it worried me.

Just to be clear, the glue was already starting to come off and the wound was healed...please do not attempt this before the glue starts coming off and make sure your BS says you're healed before trying to get the glue off. Also, I am not talking about removing the glue directly over the incision, rather the stubborn stuff that surrounds the incision, on your normal skin! 

On a related note, also had a couple hematomas from my various BS had recommended massaging tea tree oil into the skin to get rid of those, But tea tree can be irritating, despite its antiseptic properties, so I mixed it with extra virgin coconut oil, which is very soothing and emollieint, before massaging with it.  Just a few drops of tea tree oil in about 2 tbs of coconut oil.

Well, it occurred to me that this might be a good way to get the glue off, so I gently applied some of the mixed oils on the incision before bed, covered with a clean gauze and then put my bra on.  By the next morning, the glue was loosening nicely and I was able to gently get a lot of it off with a washcloth in the shower! Further, the tea tree oil's antiseptic properties made me worry less about possible infection.

It worked for me. Let me know if it works for you.