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I donated to everyone here

as a thanks for all the support I have received while waiting and worrying over test results.  Still waiting and worrying LOL, but will hopefully hear soon.


  • thefuzzylemon
    thefuzzylemon Member Posts: 631
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  • crystalphm
    crystalphm Member Posts: 277
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    more (((((HUGS))))))))

  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 7,896
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    We appreciate YOUR support, nandksmom! Thank you!

  • sweetbean
    sweetbean Member Posts: 433
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    *warm fuzzies*

     thank you!  I hope that it turns out to be nothing! 

  • 1openheart
    1openheart Member Posts: 250
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    Thank you!  I hope your wait is over soon.  Let us know.

  • nandksmom
    nandksmom Member Posts: 2
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    The biopsy was benign, I go back in six months.  It was fat necrosis. I go back in 6 months for another baseline.  It was such an overwhelming wait, made worse I know, by the fact I had to wait almost two weeks from ultrasound to biopsy.  If I had not had a planned vacation with my family, I would not have had to wait that long.  If it were to happen again, I would just schedule it as soon as I could and not wait, and I'd recommend that to anyone.