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Great Scans but Enlarged Spleen

Ready2Win Member Posts: 7

I had my PET Scan yesterday and continue to be NED!!  Woo hoo. I have beenon TDM1 since Nov 2010 and NED since Nov 2011. My PET scan said that I have an enlarged Spleen.  My doctor didnt say much about it but now that I am home and googling it... I am alittle worried.   Anyone have a enlarged spleen?  What causes it? How do I reverse it?  I sent my doctor an email but I havent heard anything back.  Thanks for your support.


  • Lynn1
    Lynn1 Member Posts: 209
    edited April 2012

    I don't know about the spleen. I'm sure someone will come along soon with some info.  I hope it's nothing to worry about since he did not mention it.  I just wanted to say WOO HOOO on your scan!!  Hope you and NED have a very very long relationship!!!! 

  • CoolBreeze
    CoolBreeze Member Posts: 250
    edited April 2012

    I've been told several times that my spleen was enlarged, and then on the next scan, it wasn't.  I have no clue why or what was going on but the docs weren't worried about it.  Maybe it's something the spleen does?

    Any organ with a name that stupid probably does idiot things.  Smile 

  • iwillwinthisbattle
    iwillwinthisbattle Member Posts: 42
    edited April 2012

    I'm no help on the spleen "front", but I will say cheers to NED!!!!

  • LuAnnH
    LuAnnH Member Posts: 348
    edited April 2012

    great news on the scans  WOOHOO!!!!!  As for the spleen, I wish I could remember what we did when I had one but is was so many years ago.  I had gotten mono and it put me down for a whole summer (just wish I had been kissing someone to get it...)  I do remember though within a few months it had gone back to normal size.  Maybe you should ask your GP about it instead of your onc?  Maybe they will have more answers, just get them a copy of the scan report so they understand what you are looking at.

  • dawny
    dawny Member Posts: 588
    edited April 2012

    Yay for NED, congratulations!!


  • jenn3
    jenn3 Member Posts: 388
    edited April 2012
    I believe it cleans the blood, something along the lines of a filter.  It's a removable organ that we don't necessarily have to have, but it does help fight infection and can be dangerous if left unattended, but it's rare.  I remember when DD#2 had mono we had to keep her quite and still so she didn't bump or burst it and have it bleed (out). 
  • cheryl1946
    cheryl1946 Member Posts: 62
    edited April 2012

    Congratulations on the PET scan results.

    May you and NED be friends forever!

  • fender81
    fender81 Member Posts: 4
    edited April 2012

    Congrats on NED!

    I usually lurk here but saw your post and think I might have an answer... Recently after a neulasta shot my white count went up to 36K... My next scan (4 weeks later) showed an enlarged spleen. The spleen stores white blood cells so can be enlarged when our bodies are in over drive making them.  (at least that's what I was told:)

    Certainly confirm this with your medical team and if you have any pain in you're spleen, seek care ASAP.


  • pooka
    pooka Member Posts: 1
    edited April 2012

    I had an enlarged spleen when I was first diagnosed.  I was told by the doctor that it was because my hemoglobin was down and also my white count was bad. 

  • BouncingBetties
    BouncingBetties Member Posts: 50
    edited April 2012

    Congrats on your continued relationship with NED!

    On the spleen front, I'm not much help. When I was "healthy"/BC (before cancer) my spleen often became enlarged when I had a bad sinus or respiratory infection. Hopefully it's nothing and you'll be able to focus on NED.