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Weekly Taxol group



  • jh40
    jh40 Member Posts: 139
    edited August 2022

    Anyone have any tips for dealing with abdominal cramping during Taxol? Not trying to sound like a wimp but this has been fairly rough and to be honest I expected a bit less for my first week. The cramping comes and goes for most of the day.

  • margecandoit
    margecandoit Member Posts: 129
    edited August 2022

    I have this also it kinda feels like menstrual cramps to me. I also have what I call roaming pain all over my body but it comes and goes. I was taking to me nurse about it and she said to try glutamine one teaspoon 3 times a day. I haven’t been great about asking it regularly but I think it was a little better this last time. Mine pains and cramp last for two or three days and then it’s stops till the next treatmeant.

  • jh40
    jh40 Member Posts: 139
    edited August 2022

    margecandoit - glad I’m not alone! I also have the roaming pain you’re talking about. It doesn’t last very long but it’s definitely happening. I had my first hot flash today too. This is day 4 for me after my first chemo and I felt great all day until about 4:00 and then I got the sickliness again. Sucks. Was hoping forthe whole day off from that.

  • ericjo
    ericjo Member Posts: 4
    edited January 2023

    I was wondering if anyone has issues with bloating mine started after 6th tx I just had 7th tx NP ordered abdominal ultra sound because I was concerned about elevated liver enzymes. I wondered if I shousk be xinxened

  • windingshores
    windingshores Member Posts: 160
    edited January 2023

    I went to an appointment with my cousin, who is facing chemo with a high Oncotype. She is already medically fragile. Her doc is prescribing taxotere and cyclophosphamide. I am noticing some of you did a taxane only. Is there a reason you only did one chemo drug and is that a possibility for her? It seems the cyclophsphamide might be the toughtest to tolerate. Also I noted that you are doing the taxane weekly and I read that caused fewer side effects.

  • ninaca
    ninaca Member Posts: 228
    edited February 2023

    Hi, I've been off Taxol for 6 weeks now and my feet still have neuropathy. I have very little feeling on the bottom, a numbness, and would like to know if there is a soaking solution that might help or specific lotions. I was on Xeloda before that which started the foot problem and I lotioned like crazy, Taxol was easier but now it interferes with walking and balance. Just want to feel them more. thanks

  • breastcancerpartner
    breastcancerpartner Member Posts: 26
    edited February 2023

    Was your abdominal ultrasound ok? My wife is also experiencing abdominal bloating and gassiness on taxol carbo. MO gave Flatuna but didn't help for long. I want to ask for an ultrasound to make sure.

  • jazpurr
    jazpurr Member Posts: 1

    Hi everyone,

    I'm glad to find this group. I had my first Taxol last Friday after finishing my AC cycle. My infusion went well, so I was hopeful that the next few days would as well.

    My surgical scar was very tingly on Sat. After the shot on Sat. my scar started to hurt (then knees, wrist, back). The pain peaked Sunday and is getting better today.

    I knew about the bones and joint discomfort, but has anyone else had scar pain?

  • emac877
    emac877 Member Posts: 647

    Checking in here to see if anyone is still active on this thread. I am stage 4 doing 12 rounds of weekly Taxol for lymphangitic spread to my lungs as well as progression to the liver and brain in conjunction with Piqray/Faslodex. I've done reasonably well with the first 6 infusions but as of this last infusion lost my sense of taste. I'm wondering if anyone else had that side effect and when/if it goes away. I am assuming after the last treatment I may have a few weeks before it comes back but I haven't found any specifics to that theory. Thanks.