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Strange blotches between breasts

JulieLy Member Posts: 1

The last couple of days I have noticed that I have developed strange blotches/spots between my breasts. Not on or under, just between, and mainly where the middle of my bra is. My breasts are not rubbing against each other or anything, so that is not the cause. They feel kind of like little lumps so they're not flat as such. This morning I noticed it seems like they have kind of started to spread downwards from my breast-area. I tried to do an internet search and one of the first responses I found was breast cancer, so of course I got worried :/ I do not feel any lumps in my breasts or anything, but maybe a little bit of soreness when I was checking one side? though, since I was able to feel my rib in the area and not a lump, maybe it was just me poking on a nerve or something, but it felt a lot more sore than the other side.
What do you think? Is it just a skin-irritation? I have done a lot more biking than I used to recently, so maybe it's just a skin irritation from my bra rubbing against my skin in that area when I've been excersizing?
Sorry for any mistake in my spelling, since english is not my native language


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    It sounds like it's most likely a skin irritation or a rash.  You probably should start by seeing your family doctor or a dermatologist.  Anything skin related should be checked out first before you start down the path of breast cancer. 

    Hopefully it clears up on it's own or your doctor has a quick and easy answer about a skin rash. 

  • organa
    organa Member Posts: 6
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    I have had this happen before.  It was from sweating I think.  I got a rash in my cleavage and the skin started to break down.  I went to the dr and he gave me an anti fungal to use, I think canesten.  It cleared it right up.  Go see your doctor and see what he thinks about your rash.  Feel better soon. :)

  • SillyMama
    SillyMama Member Posts: 49
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    Hi, Julie,

    Wow, I think your English is extremely good!

    I agree with Beesie - start with a skin doctor, because it might just be something simple.

    I just wanted to add that my husband has a couple of seasons during the year where he has to work a LOT of overtime, and he always gets red blotches all over his back. In addition to giving him a prescription ointment, the dermatologist had us change to a milder bath soap and a laundry detergent (made without perfumes or dyes) for sensitive skin.

  • CoolBreeze
    CoolBreeze Member Posts: 250
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    How annoying that the first thing that comes up is breast cancer!  Rashes are very common and happen all over the body, including between the breasts.  A rash between the breasts isn't a sign of breast cancer - why does that pop up on an internet search?  It's no wonder we get so many scared ladies in here!

    If it doesn't clear up in a few days, I'd go see a dematologist. Pay attention to where your bra is rubbing, and if you changed detergents, or are sweating a lot, or maybe a new soap or perfume caused it.  I think the odds are astronomical that this is a  symptom of breast cancer.

    Good luck.  Don't be scared.  Hugs!

  • Tayeesha
    Tayeesha Member Posts: 1
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    I am only 14 but have had these brown patches in between my breasts since I was about 13. At first it was itchy and they became red spots and over time they have become brown but they aren’t itchy. I asked my mum about it and she didn’t know anything but said to keep an eye on it. They haven’t been spreading that much lately but since they first started they spread a lot. I have searched it up a lot but haven’t come up with any explanation. A shoot for me because i am only 14 I haven’t got one to send my MALE doctor.

    They are like little lumps but not that noticeable as lumps. If anyone has any idea of what it could be it would be great to know!!