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Maca powder?

momoschki Member Posts: 218
edited July 2021 in Alternative Medicine

I wonder if anyone out there is using this and, if so, what your personal experience has been. My integrative oncologist has just added maca powder to my lengthy regimen of supplements, and today, quite by accident while researching something else, came across some information that suggests it may raise estrogen levels. This is the last thing I want! However, despite some articles stating that it should never be used by women with a history of breast cancer or at high risk, there seems to be other literature that suggests it may be protective.

Does anyone have any knowledge about this? My doctor is unfortunately notoriously hard to reach with questions like this. I like to think he is knowledgeable and recommended the maca with good reason, but now I am feeling a little paranoid.


  • lightandwind
    lightandwind Member Posts: 97

    There's been a lot of talk on here about the role of phytoestrogens which is the kind of estrogen found in Maca powder. It's also found in milk thistle, soy, and a lot of other stuff. I've read some things that say that plant based phytoestrogens are protective, and others warning those with bc about their estrogen enhancing effects. The advice I've always gotten is to steer away from them until we know more. I just keep reading for the latest information. I do take milk thistle. They say the seed used to make supplements is not estrogen producing like the plant/leaves, but I don't know. I've just read enough things that make me realize that I want to take it. Don't know how it's going to turn out. We're our own guinea pigs, but we just gotta make the best decisions for ourselves that we can based on the knowledge we have. I have taken maca, but it was years ago, I remember enjoying it's benefits although i only took it for a few weeks and stopped, just got out of the habit of taking it and I think it got old and I wound up throwing it out. Sorry, I can't help more, but just wanted you to know that I understand your kunundrum.

  • momoschki
    momoschki Member Posts: 218

    Yes, so frustrating-- the qualities of all of these things apparently will either save us or harm us. I know there seem to be many women on these boards who avoid soy and all other phytoestrogens, and yet my onc is enthusiastic about recommending some of them to me as protective. Makes my head spin. I have been taking the maca for about 6 weeks and frankly don't notice any difference in the way I feel, but then again, I am taking so many different supplements that it's difficult to tell.

  • riverhorse
    riverhorse Member Posts: 10

    I recall maca from Peru being marketed as an herbal Viagra.

  • momoschki
    momoschki Member Posts: 218

    Yes, has purported aphrodisiac qualities... (not that I have noticed anything in this regard.)

  • lightandwind
    lightandwind Member Posts: 97

    Momine had talked about on another thread that they are currently doing some clinical research/trials on phytoestrogens. I forget who is doing it, but we will definately be following up on the boards about this. Many of us are waiting on some hard data. Imagine if we could offer our body's systems something protective that was lost from natural or induced menopause, and know that it won't harm and may even help. That's what I'm hoping the hard data will find, but it may be years before we know. *sigh* 

  • PatF
    PatF Member Posts: 1

    has anyone received an answer on this yet? This is included in Shakeology so I'm concerned about using the product.

  • wantshealthback
    wantshealthback Member Posts: 2

    Maca powder was a suggestion from my adult daughter who had three years of exhaustion and is now somewhat improved. Her dad with a heart condition, is taking it too. They swear by it. My ability to do my job requires that the exhaustion I've been having gets better. So I tried it last night, and now today. This is the website I checked: . Seems like its recommended for a few different conditions. I'm worried about estrogenic effects also. I have been trying many things to keep my estrogen level lower. One thing, it is possible to get eggs that are "soy free" meaning that the producer does not feed Soy (or GMO soy) to the chickens.

    My user name used to be Tomatoman, and I don't know what happened to it, but I would hope to get that name back.

  • sspc
    sspc Member Posts: 4

    I've read that Maca does not have phytoestrogens in it.

  • Yogamom4
    Yogamom4 Member Posts: 1

    I have just started taking the Maca powder. Just a very small amount as I am sensitive to things. I too have read the concerns about it for breast cancer pt. I just think they have to say that cause there isn't enough studies done. However, after going into full menopause as soon as chemo started.. and dealing with horrendous hot flashes for the past 3 yrs. Also my energy is tanking and my libido is nonexistent! I have tried other things but haven't gotten results. I feel good otherwise. I'm active and generally healthy. So I don't want to just expect feeling like this. Like oh well this is just how it's going to be. So I'm giving it a go.Its to soon to say whether it's helping.

    There is also a supplement called DIM. some take it with the Maca or by Itself. It is also supposed to help balance estrogen. And it supposed to also add like an estrogen blocker for the bad estrogen

  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 7,889

    Dear Yogamom4,

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  • AshtonR
    AshtonR Member Posts: 1

    hi, I’m wondering if you stuck with the Maca and now it’s going? My cancer coach recommends organic soy and flax for ER PR + CA - true so much conflicting info. Maca was recently recommended to me to help with sleep. I’m a little nervous so I’d love to hear of you found out more! Thanks