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Any survivors out there diagnosed at a young age???

Youngwithbc Member Posts: 45
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There might already be a thread about this but can't find it! Was hoping to start one where people who were diagnosed young (20s/30s) could share their survivor stories, if you are more than a few years past diagnosis. It can be difficult to find people who had BC at a young age, and I find it encouraging when I find people who were my age at diagnosis and are now doing great many years later. I'm sure others might find it inspiring as well.

Anyone out there??



  • rebzamy
    rebzamy Member Posts: 49

    Hi Youngwithbc - believe it or not there are lots of us, I was in my early 30s when diagnosed and am now coming up for 6 years down the line.  You can see my diagnosis below and treatment so I hope this gives you and other younger ladies hope.  


  • colt45
    colt45 Member Posts: 381

    My dad's cousin is a 27 year BC survivor. She didn't have a family history. She had children before 30, breastfed, she was active/ athletic, not overweight, not a smoker, not a drinker----she did everything supposedly right.... and at age 32, she was diagnosed with BC. I do not know the pathology of her BC, but I've learned that she had a mastectomy and chemo----so it warranted aggressive treatment.

    She is thriving. You would never know.

  • Youngwithbc
    Youngwithbc Member Posts: 45

    Thanks so much for sharing Colt, that is awesome!

    Congrats Reb on 6 years... I'm so glad you posted. I am Her2 as well. It is so hard for me to imagine 6 years into the future right now, but I hope soon it won't be so hard to picture it.

    Anyone else out there? I'm sure others will stumble on this at some point and it will help give some hope.

  • sherry35
    sherry35 Member Posts: 155

    I was diagnosed at 34 ( 3 weeks before my 35th birthday) and I'm 41 now.

  • JennaJMU
    JennaJMU Member Posts: 22

    That is awesome Sherry!! I'm 33 and your story inspires me!!

  • sherry35
    sherry35 Member Posts: 155


    Very similar dx. I did chemo ( 3 FEC, 3 Taxol), rads (25 +5 boosts). Had a hysterectomy and have one more year on femara.

    I'm having a delayed bilateral diep recon. On July 29th. Can't wait.



  • JennaJMU
    JennaJMU Member Posts: 22

    How soon after treatment did you get a hysterectomy? I'm debating on if I should get my ovaries out since I'm highly hormone positive.

  • Forgiven4ever
    Forgiven4ever Member Posts: 3

    I just wanted to say our diagnosis are very similiar and I am 34 yrs

    old currently and almost a year clear..and with Gods grace many more to come for both of us!

  • Forgiven4ever
    Forgiven4ever Member Posts: 3

    Also right now my obgyn does internal ultrasounds every 6 months just to monitor and watch for any abnormalities until we decide it is a good time for the hysterectomy, which I will do for sure since I am brca2 positive..I was told even with the gene the earliest case for ovarian/cervical/uterine cancer is they said prob when I am about 35-36yrs.old...

  • JennaJMU
    JennaJMU Member Posts: 22

    Thank you forgiven! I know they don't like doing hysterectomies on young women if you can't do HRT but I'm always looking for people who did it. I'd rather suffer with menopause symptoms and bone loss than have these estrogen factories make the cancer come back.

  • Youngwithbc
    Youngwithbc Member Posts: 45

    Any others out there??

  • marmalade_skies
    marmalade_skies Member Posts: 1

    I was diagnosed when I turned 33, and now I'm 36 going on to 37. Hoping to clear the 5 year mark soon! :) Am so glad to see this thread. 

  • mightymon
    mightymon Member Posts: 7

    I was diagnosed just 2 months before turning 31 and will turn 34 next month. :0)

  • rozem
    rozem Member Posts: 749

    i have a friend diagnosed at 28 - she is 46 now

  • colt45
    colt45 Member Posts: 381

    Pardon me for considering 46 young... BUT my sister's BFF in high school's mom had BC when she was 46 or possibly a few years younger.

    I don't know the pathology or adjuvant treatment (I think chemo) but I know she had a mastectomy... That was at least 30 years ago (she's now 76 and still living a great life).

    It can be done. It IS done... A LOT. There is no good reason to believe that you're not going to be just like that.

  • Youngwithbc
    Youngwithbc Member Posts: 45

    Thanks for continuing this thread! I was actually just thinking about it, because I have been reading/following so many stories of young adults with BC who were diagnosed with mets a couple years after finishing their treatment. Sometimes when I hear too many stories like that, I start to really lose hope and the anxiety sets in. Since BC tends to be more aggressive and harder to treat in young women, it's really helpful and inspiring to find young women who are thriving and doing well, without recurrence. I have met a couple in "real life" and I know it's really helped me when I start to feel worried about my future.

    Hope we can keep this thread going and that more young survivors will come out from hiding... :)

  • Vella
    Vella Member Posts: 1

    hi everyone ;)

    this may be suprised, but i was 16 when diagnosed.

    well, doctor said it was just tumors, but there were a dozen in total!

    what makes me confused is 3 months after i have my first operation, new tumors grew again and there are about 9 new tumors.

    i'll have my second operation in 1 or 2 months later.

    can anyone explain why? the doctor seems confused too.

    i'm afraid sooner or later i'll be diagnosed a cancer.

    i'm from indonesia btw :)

  • melp27
    melp27 Member Posts: 295

    I was diagnosed in july 2011 at 27 years old. I do have a family history of breast cancer and a genetic syndrome that predisposes me to getting another cancer. last month I reached the two year mark and im super relieved they always say the first two years is the most important.

  • oandtolivo
    oandtolivo Member Posts: 20

    I was dx,ed at 34 and I'm now 36.  We just moved from Germany back to the us.  I meet with my new oncologist yesterday and I'm going to continue tamoxifen and zoladex to the 10 mark.  Even then I'll be 44 and I could still come out of menopause.   I'm a 36 year old whos been made into a 56 year old.  It's rough, but it's better than the alternative.

  • GatorGal
    GatorGal Member Posts: 750

    Diagnosed at 37 in 1987 with lymph node involvement and a "not so good" prognosis. Lived to raise my 3 kids, now have 4 grandchildren. Lived 21 years cancer free before mets to lung in 2008. I am now 62, being treated but doing well. AI's and chemo has kept my cancer contained in my lung and though I will be on chemo forever I have good QOL and feel blessed beyond belief!

  • Mandy85
    Mandy85 Member Posts: 2

    Hi Youngwithbc, I was dx with bc when I was 26 years old, almost two year since my dx. With no family history of bc.

  • Youngwithbc
    Youngwithbc Member Posts: 45

    So happy to hear of all the young survivors, woohoo! Thanks for sharing.

  • Trina25
    Trina25 Member Posts: 6

    Hi, I was diagnosed last year at the age of 25. Today Sept 14 is actually the date that I had the surgery to remove the lump. Three days later the pathology report came back and I had cancer. I have made it thru chemo, mastectomy and partially radiation( I stopped it) I truly feel as if I had enough in just a years time to have a lifetime movie made based on my life. I am looking forward to my implant exchange in Nov, I have had the dreaded tissue expanders since March. I hope that 2014 will be a great year as I should be recovered from what I hope will be my last surgery for breast cancer for a while and just start to put the pieces of my life back together.

  • LisaH
    LisaH Member Posts: 16

    Hello ladies!

    I'm an "old" woman compared to most of you now but not too long ago, I was just like you.

    Diagnosed at age 33 (acutally closer to 32 as I had just had a birthday).  I just celebrated my 44th birthday.  This year will be my 12th year!

    Keep the faith ladies!

  • JenSF
    JenSF Member Posts: 15

    Dear Lisa,

    Thank you for your post! I was just praying the past few days to meet someone who had overcome this battle over 5, 8, 10, 15 years!  We need this courageous stories other than all the treatments.  My mother in law was a survivor (Stage 3) since 1996.  Her 17th year this year.  It broke her heart when I shared with her the news. But soon we both are back on track.  I just had my surgery and will kick off chemo soon 2nd half of October. 

    Please keep sharing your victory!  It really helps!!  



  • Youngwithbc
    Youngwithbc Member Posts: 45

    Thanks for sharing Lisa... that is awesome! I am officially at one year... :)

  • sth314
    sth314 Member Posts: 3

    I'm a 12 year survivor who was diagnosed at 35. Not sure if that is considered "young" anymore. Wink There is an origanization called the Young Survival Coalition strictly for young breast cancer patents/survivors. You can find more about them on their website

  • melmcbee
    melmcbee Member Posts: 371

    Bumping for the inspiration that yall bring to me. I was 42 at diagnosis and I thought I was young.

  • JenSF
    JenSF Member Posts: 15

    Hi sth314, yes you are young!  Thank you for your post!  That's encouraging!  I found the Young Survival Coalition before my surgery!  That's good help!  They have some good info too.  Recommeneded.

    Tonite, I asked my 9 yr old to shop hats with me on  Really good selectons.  We will await delivery......

  • LisaMomOfFour
    LisaMomOfFour Member Posts: 226

    My grandmother was diagnosed at 26, lived to be 60.  

    My aunt was also diagnosed at 26, and she recently had heart surgery, and is recovering well at age 76.

    My cousin was diagnosed at 29, then again at 33, has since then adopted a child and is so very happy at 41.

    My other cousin was diagnosed at 28, and is now about 52.  

    As you can see we have a strong genetic link here.  I tested negative for BRCA (though my cousins are all positive).   I was 47 when diagnosed three years ago.  

    I wish I was making this up.  I have three daughters ages 16, 12 and 12.  Despite my negative BRCA status, I am so worried for them.