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Any survivors out there diagnosed at a young age???



  • Lolis
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    I was diagnosed at 33. Found my lump three months after my first miscarriage and realized (personally) that it was BC on my one year wedding anniversary. Had an u/s the year before (due to existing fibroadenoma - been having yearly u/s since I was 25) and it was normal although a new cyst had appeared.

    I was dx with stage III (my lucky number) IDC, which was laying in a bed of DCIS and the lump I first noticed was in the area of the new cyst. So to this day I wonder if my u/s the year before my diagnosis was misread or if IDC invaded the cyst. 8 positive nodes (5 with macromets and 3 with micromets).

    The BC was highly hormone receptive and I keep wondering if my pregnancy accelerated the things. I am grateful to my lil angel but I have yet to get completely over the loss.

    I completed a round of IVF after surgery and before chemo. Completed 6 round of FEC-D (which wasn't bad) and 25 rounds of radiation. Currently on Tamoxifen and told that I won't ever be allowed to get pregnant again just in case there is one of those suckers dormant somewhere. DH is terriefied of the thought of me being pregnant, we'll go thru surrogacy.

    In 3 months I will be 2 years out of dx and the fear of recurrence is less with everyday that passes although some days are darker than others but those don't last a long time.

    Hugs to you all and keep smiling!!!

  • Srh242
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    hi Lolis:

    Our story are very similar.

    I send you a big hug and best for the new year and luck with your baby plans

  • Honeytagh
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  • jenjenl
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    I was 33 when dx, my kids were 2.5 and 5. I had a mamo, they saw a spot but said it didn't look suspicious and to come back in 6 moths. I came back in 6 months - it grew, biopsy and then the nightmare started. TN, BRCA1+ IDC - 1 small tumor 7 mm and then a intramammary node that was 4 mm. Had mastectomy, chemo, hysterectomy and rads, then recon. So far so good. Plenty of scared scans along the way but i am now 3 yrs out and feeling good. The 3rd year has been the best for the physical and mental recovery. Here for you. xo

  • MissBee123
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    I was diagnosed 7 months ago at age 31. Had some "intimate" time with my husband. After, he rolled over, poked my breast and said, "What's that?" From there everything spiraled downwards. Eggs are frozen, went through one round of chemo, double mastectomy, found out I also have thyroid cancer (thanks to the PET scan my breast surgeon ordered), had a thyroidectomy, and am beginning a second round of chemo in 10 days.

    It's been an incredibly hard and emotional year. My husband and I had to cancel our one vacation due to chemotherapy beginning. We bought a new home and were going to relocate to Denver from NYC. Instead, due to the intensity of care I needed and health insurance, we are still here almost a year past our planned move date. We had hoped to begin a family this year but instead my eggs sit frozen in a medical facility and the idea of children seems so abstract it's hard to imagine. It's been very hard to smile and congratulate all my friends who have become pregnant or given birth this year (and with Facebook it's starting to feel like it's literally everyone but me). I try not to complain about it, but figure if there is a place that understands, it's here in these forums. It just makes my heart hurt. Staying positive all the time is mentally exhausting. Sometimes I just want to have a good old fashioned temper tantrum and kick my feet and cry!

  • LM070917
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    I was diagnosed at 34 years old in September this year (2015). I've undergone mascretomy and nodes removal. I went through IVF and have two embryos frozen, as I have no children. I'm currently undergoing dose dense chemotherapy for 4 months, just switched from AC to pactaxel. Due to finish in early Feb and then start radiotherapy in March. It's been a rollercoaster journey so far and although I try to be strong, I'm very scared about the future but it is so inspiring to hear anyone's stories on here. Thank you 😀

  • LisaEllen
    LisaEllen Member Posts: 8

    It has been a long time since I was on these boards!

    Miss Bree, your post touched me deeply. You have every right to throw a temper tantrum! Cancer sucks and it is not fair. But you are a beautiful, strong woman and we are here to encourage you and love you through the worst of treatment. Please have Hope! (((Hugs)))

    I am a nine year survivor in March. There are many of us out there but more ladies closer to diagnosis are here posting. Many of us five plus years out rarely check the threads.

    I was 37 when diagnosed. No family history. 2.2 dm DCIS, with 0 nodes, ER+, PR+, Her2-, grade 3, high Ki67 score. Was given a 17% recurrance rate within ten years after treatment. So far, nothing!!

    BiLat mastectomies, recon, biLat salping oopherectomy. 4 rounds dose dense AC, 4 rounds dose dense Taxol, five years amrimidex, no radiation.

    Thank God for good doctors and for the ladies and men on these threads. This site was my lifeline and kept me going. There were times that I could barely post because I was crying onto my keyboard. Cancer is terrifying. Keep posting and know that we are all rooting for each other!!

  • Youngwithbc
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  • tmh0921
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    I was diagnosed at age 27 in in 1999. I was stage 1B IDC, grade 2, ER+/PR+, 0/14 nodes.

    I had a lumpectomy, sentinel node and axillary node biopsy, radiation, and Tamoxifen.

    I've been NED for 16 and 1/2 years, and have had two children since BC.

    A coworker of mine was Dx with stage 2 IDC, ER-/PR-, two nodes positive at age 24. And again with DCIS at 44. She's 35 years out from her first Dx, and about 16 years out from her second.


  • Srh242
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  • Eibra
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  • fd1
    fd1 Member Posts: 52

    I've come five years since I first went to the doctor with a lump. It was breast cancer - 2.1 cm, 2 nodes positive, ER+/PR+, age 30. :)

  • Eibra
    Eibra Member Posts: 15

    dear fd1 congrats and many happiness years to come ! You just made our day xo

  • Rubyroo
    Rubyroo Member Posts: 2

    Bumping for a pick me up!!

  • lexica
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  • rrobin0200
    rrobin0200 Member Posts: 78

    bump. Keep the inspiring stories coming. Today is one of those dark days.

  • eloqui
    eloqui Member Posts: 37

    Diagnosed at age 26, now 5 years out at age 31 with no evidence of recurrence. I had a breast MRI last month which was all clear. In those five years, I met and got married to an amazing husband, raised a big beautiful dog, and got a new job.

    When I was diagnosed, I had a dark scary voice in my head telling me I wouldn't make it five years. It is hard to believe I was just 26 when everything happened. I feel like I've lived a lifetime in the past 5 years. I just completed Lupron + AI for 5 years and am now trying to decide whether to switch to Tamoxifen or stay on the current regimen for another year or two.

    Thank you for everyone who's shared your experience on this thread. They've helped me keep that hope alive.

  • 32B
    32B Member Posts: 186

    Hi everyone. Just found this thread. I was DX at 32. I'm 1.5 years out now and feeling great, although I still miss my right nipple. I know it's a small thing and I'm lucky in so many ways, but it makes me sad sometimes.

  • LisaEllen
    LisaEllen Member Posts: 8

    32B, I just logged back in for a walk down memory lane after many years of being away from these boards. I was first diagnosed in 2007 at the age of 37. I had stage two, grade 3 ductal breast cancer. I received eight rounds of ACT, no rads, and an oral chemo for five years. I also had bilateral (due to age and high score for aggressive growth rate) mastectomies with expanders and implants, But I am finished with treatment. It has been 12 years of being cancer free. I no longer see my oncologist! I play tennis and fully enjoy life. That being said, I do still miss my breasts. I eventually went with tattooed nipples and I’m pretty happy with them. That fleeting sadness will probably always be there. I can completely relate to your remark. Hang in there, some days I don’t even think about breast cancer. Hugs to you from South Carolina

  • 32B
    32B Member Posts: 186

    Thanks LisaEllen and congratulations on 12 years cancer free! What an inspiration!

  • m0mmyof3
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    I was diagnosed 6 1/2 years ago at age 37. Still fighting and counting every day as a blessing. Determined to die as a cranky old woman who keeps everyone guessing at what I'm up to!

  • B-A-P
    B-A-P Member Posts: 409

    Not sure if I've commented on this thread already . DX at 30, de novo Stage 4 , now almost 32. NED so far :)

  • prahan
    prahan Member Posts: 56

    Thanks survivors for your inspirational stories, really a boost

  • Eibra
    Eibra Member Posts: 15

    hello heroes i was 31 since i diagnosed and now 4 years surviver hamdulilah and got married before 3 monthes and wishing to reach 85 🥰

  • 32B
    32B Member Posts: 186

    Eibra congratulations on your marriage and thank you for posting! It's so great to hear inspiring and happy stories here!

  • hray1993
    hray1993 Member Posts: 220

    posting to bump this thread. I was diagnosed 6 months ago at age 26. Still in active treatment. Love reading the success stories of young women living long lives after diagnosis

  • Eibra
    Eibra Member Posts: 15

    thank you dear 32B 😘🥰 wish to all of us happiness and healthy long life 🎈

  • Jinx27
    Jinx27 Member Posts: 119

    27 at my diagnosis, bilateral strongly er+/pr+ 4cm with three positive nodes (micromets). Im taking ovarian suppression and arimidex, the MO wants me to do it for 10 years and stop when Im ready for children etc.

    Still here fighting! Sometimes Im tired and other days Im inspired. This doesnt make me feel too alone.

    Sending love...HeartHeartHug

  • Eibra
    Eibra Member Posts: 15

    hello ladies hamdulilah my ctscan ned Amin to that , life is challenge God have a msg for you , he always look after you even when you think you are alone , God have better plan to you after your patients , to any beautiful young lady after treatment you will meet your prince and have beautiful kids ,its not a hope its truth that happened to me so be hopeful and keep o

  • lef
    lef Member Posts: 32

    I was already pretty old when I was diagnose (<1 year ago), but I have a friend in her late 60s who was diagnosed 30+ years ago. No recurrences and, if you met her, you'd never guess that she's that old. I hope that's encouraging.