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Goat Milk/ Goat Cheese


I read somewhere that the casein in goat milk was different than cows milk so it's not dangerous for bc. I cannot find the article now though.  I really love goat cheese, and goat kefir. So if anyone comes across any info about this- please post it. I'd really appreciate it. Also I've heard that cow's are the most likely to be injected w/ hormones and antibiotics, so I've already stopped eating cow dairy. Please share your knowledge about these two different kinds of dairy.


  • sundermom
    sundermom Member Posts: 98
    edited June 2013

    I'm not sure about the difference between goat cheese and products made from cow's milk, but I did make the switch to organic dairy. I, too, read that they pump the cows full of hormones to increase their milk production. Scary for us hormone positive ladies!

  • abigail48
    abigail48 Member Posts: 337
    edited June 2013

    gary null has said that the protein molecules in goat's milk are more suitable for humans because of their smaller size.  I use only organic dairy, still too much........

  • sundust
    sundust Member Posts: 1
    edited June 2013

    Goat milk/goat cheese is better than cow milk/cow cheese.

    I suspect that neither is great immediately during/after a cancer diagnosis.

    With a little more distance out, goat yogurt/kefir is my choice. I drink goat kefir with flax oil daily, or eat goat yogurt. Always go for organic and/or hormone/antibiotic-free whenever possible. I try to avoid cheese except as a special treat (small amount of organic parmesan on pasta, or goat cheese in a large green/beet salad, or awesome raw cheese if served at a restaurant), and I avoid milk almost entirely.

    I wish raw dairy were more readily available in my area. The Organic Valley "raw" cheese is actually heat-treated to just below pasteurization point, so it's not like eating truly untreated raw cheese:

  • jojo68
    jojo68 Member Posts: 336
    edited June 2013

    My Chinese Herbalist Dr...Dr. Wong...said that goat cheese and goat milk is actually very very good for breast cancer...he said it's very alkaline and healing.

  • tmoews
    tmoews Member Posts: 1
    edited February 2020

    Thank you!!