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Mammaprint and Oncotype Dx



  • ilenef
    ilenef Member Posts: 8
    edited September 2021

    I am 72 years old with mixed ductal and lobular invasive cancer 1.3cm in my left breast. I am HR+, HER2-, no involved nodes as yet known (I have not had surgery yet due to a large, resolving hematoma after my stereotactic breast biopsy last May). I have been taking Anastrozole since June. When my MammaPrint test came back High Risk (but on the bar graph, at the low end of High Risk) my medical oncologist recommended TC chemo, 4 rounds. Researching cold capping, I discovered that it was available fairly close by, but at another location within the oncology network. My medical oncologist referred me to a medical oncologist at that location. He was not confident that my MammaPrint results (prognostic) were enough to subject me to the side effects of chemo and wanted to see how my Oncotype DX (predictive) results would look. If they came back High Risk, we would go ahead with chemo. My Oncotype DX came back with a Low Risk score. I will meet with my original medical oncologist tomorrow and my Breast Cancer Navigator wants to bring these semi-conflicting results to the semi-monthly Tumor Board meeting for review. Whereas I feel like I should be jumping for joy at my Low Risk results, I am tentative and waiting to see what my original medical oncologist and the Tumor Board say. I am now 95% certain that I do not want to have chemo.

    If anyone has had similar somewhat conflicting results from their genetic testing results (I also had BRCA testing, which came back negative), I would love their input.

    Thank you,


  • Marjmac
    Marjmac Member Posts: 1
    edited September 2021

    if you were able to understand the MammaPrint results that’s great. It says high risk also for me but not sure the benefit of chemo. What percentage improvement in taking chemo? Do you know which page of the report I should be looking at? Meeting with my oncologist tomorrow at 1 but he didn’t order the test another oncologist requested. Chemo supposedly starts on Saturday