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cyst with debris

colbarrett56 Member Posts: 1
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I just had mammaogram and sonogram with diagnosis of a cyst measuring 4x4x3 mm with 2 areas of debris. Impression is "probably" benign. I did not like the probably part. Plan of care was routine re-sono in 6 months. I have a cousin with breast cancer and 4 aunts who died of ovarian cancer. When I expressed concern about the "probably" benign diagnosis my gyno said that if I am that concerned, fine, they will re scan me in 3 months. Or I could be referred to breast surgeon. I did not get the feeling that they considered it that important. I didn't like their attitude. I am presently looking for new gyno. But in the interim How concerned should I be? has anyone else had this diagnosis? And what plan of care did you get? Am I being too overly concerned as my gyno made me feel?


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    If you've been told that your imaging appears "Probably Benign" that means the way your cyst appears on the ultrasound has been given a BIRADs 3 rating - "Probably Benign" is the specific wording that the radiologist is required to use for a BIRADs 3. A BIRADs 3 is given in situations where the imaging shows something that the radiologist assesses to have a less than 2% risk of being cancer.

    So, first, don't get fussed by the word "Probably". It's what the radiologist has to say.

    Second, don't get fussed by a cyst with debris. While there are some types of complex cysts that are concerning (if the cyst has thick or uneven walls or isn't smoothly round or oval or has internal chambers), a complex cyst that is simply a regular cyst with some debris inside is very common and is not anything to worry about.

    The normal follow-up for a complex cyst with debris is 6 month monitoring. The cyst will be examined and measured, just to be sure that it's not changing and becoming more suspicious. But complex cysts rarely cause any problems. I've had one that's been monitored with ultrasounds for a couple of years; the last check showed that it had reduced in size so now I don't need any more monitoring.

    So to your question "How concerned should I be?", the answer is "Not at all concerned". Complex cysts are a common benign finding that requires follow-up but is extremely unlikely to turn into anything serious.

  • TotallyBlessed
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    Beesie, you are so knowledgable and very helpful! :)

  • MaureenJ
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    I recently had a call back for a diagnostic mammogram and tomography with CAD along with an ultrasound. After the ultrasound was done the tech came back and said that there was a cyst with debris and that they wanted me to come back in 6 months for another ultrasound/mammo to monitor it....I just received a copy of the report today and in it there is no mention of a cyst with debris specifically. It does say "Bilateral whole breast ultrasound demonstrates a probably benign cyst in the right breast at 7:00, 2 cm from the nipple 3x3x5mm. Impression: Probably benign. Recommend short interval 6 month diagnostic mammographic follow-up on the right and targeted right breast ultrasound. BI-RADS 3 Also there was a focally dilated duct at 10:00 without suspicious intraluminal nodularity.

    I guess the questions I have are: 1) If she told me it was a cyst with debris, why wouldn't it specify that finding on the report? 2) What would cause a dilated duct ? 3) Would it be unusual not to feel the 3x3x5mm cyst?

  • Rachel888
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    I was diagnosed with a complex cyst (or maybe complicated) for some reason I can't seem to remember. And I think the radiologist said something about debris. The radiologist officially recommended a biopsy but said I could also just wait 6 months and follow up. So far I decided to wait 6 months because the doctor said it doesn't look suspicious but if I change my mind I can go get the biopsy whenever. But the doctor also said that if I came in for regular screenings and they found it she would not recommend the biopsy at all. The recommendation is only because I came in with a small lump that I could feel then they did an US then said it is probably a complex cyst. Since it doesn't seem like you went for your imaging because you found a lump, it seems to make sense that they aren't recommending a biopsy. At least it is in line with what my radiologist told me.

    That being said I do think you can push for a biopsy since it isn't a simple cyst. I like that I have the prescription for the biopsy. This way if I notice any unusual changes I can go right away without worrying.

    Hope that helps! Keep us updated!