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lumpectomy two days ago and abdominal swelling

jpteacher1 Member Posts: 8

I was expecting some minor swelling at the lumpectomy sight and the area near the sentinel lymph node removal.  I didn't expect to have abdominal bloating/swelling.  The doctor says it was probably caused by the medication they gave me before surgery when I had an empty stomach.  He said it will take awhile for my system to "wake up".  Has anyone else had this problem.  I'm worried that my abdominal bloating/swelling may be due to the lymph node removal. 


  • sarahjane7374
    sarahjane7374 Member Posts: 23

    I got really bloated after my surgeries - I think it was due to all the IV fluids and the anesthesia, plus a little constipation added in. I'm not a doctor, but I don't see how lymph node removal in the chest/arm area would cause abdominal swelling.

  • ziggypop
    ziggypop Member Posts: 276

    jpteacher - I have never heard of lymph node removal creating swelling in the belly, I have mild LE & if it's that you are concerned about, it doesn't start right after the surgery. If you are on pain meds, I would recommend taking a stool softener as they make some people quite constipated & that can cause your belly to hurt & swell. Give it a day or two - I'd bet it will go down soon. Hope you are otherwise doing alright.

  • kicks
    kicks Member Posts: 319

    Go to the LymphEdema sections here to find out what LE is.

    Yes, the removal of a single node can result in LE but from what you have written seems that your issues are just from reactions to drugs used in lumpectomy surgery.  Reaction are more common than not.  Some of us are more sensitive than others.  The only bad anethesiology (sp.) experience for me was with a colonoscopy.  I finally got to go home that afternoon looking like I was 10 mths PG and hurting.

  • jpteacher1
    jpteacher1 Member Posts: 8

    Everything is ok.  My problem was related to the anesthesia and the bloating/gas was a common problem.  I only wish I had know ahead of time so I wouldn't have been so worried. 

  • 21_48
    21_48 Member Posts: 1

    I just had a lumpectomy and 2 lymph nodes removed and am experiencing swelling in the abdomen quite uncomfortable and I appreciate you sharing this information. I wish I had of been aware of this as well also urinating blue dye was an scary experience also that I was not informed of. I really think the doctors assume we know all this stuff, quite scary.