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Recovery for Intraductal Papilloma Surgery?

thompeli Member Posts: 1

I have been diagnosed with an intraductal papilloma and have been advised to get it removed.  I'm trying to get an idea of how long and difficult the recovery process was.  How long until you were able to return to normal life & work?  I ask because I have a presentation on Feb 17th and I would love to have this out and healing by then!  I don't have a surgery date yet but have a consult with a surgeon tomorrow.

I am 29 and this is the second time I've had an intraductal papilloma issue.  When I was 18 I had nipple discharge, they discovered a cluster of intraductal papillomas, and removed several.  Since this was 11 years ago and I probably wasn't as mature and on top of it as I could have been, I can't really remember the details about recovery.  I suspect that the papilloma I am dealing with now was present 11 years ago because I've had nipple discharge this entire time (less and more infrequent) and I recall the surgeon telling me that they tried to remove as few ducts as possible so as not to interfere with the possibility of breastfeeding in the future.

Any personal stories of your surgery and recovery would be GREATLY appreciated!


  • L60
    L60 Member Posts: 1
    edited February 2014

    I had my surgery on February 6th, so I am two days post op. I am surprised how long it has taken for me to shake the effects of the anesthesia! The surgery lasted less than 1/2 hour, but I am just beginning to feel alert and ready to resume my normal activities...but I am hesitant to push myself. I have had little to know pain from the surgical site, but have lots of pain in my upper arms which has limited my desire to raise my arms. A friend who had a different type of surgery also had this problem and we wonder if it was caused while being moved off the operating table. I would definitely recommend allowing yourself 48-72 hours to recuperate if you do not know how you will react to the anesthesia. 

  • hawkeyeworried
    hawkeyeworried Member Posts: 1
    edited March 2017

    I know this is long after your surgery, how are you doing? I had surgery on March 21. I was very bruised and had a lot of discomfort. The bruise was breaking up but now is coming back and it's stinging and uncomfortable. There is a bit of skin breakdown near the incision. I know I should just call the doc but I feel like maybe I'm over-reacting. I just thought this was going to be less of an ordeal overall. I'm a mover, I love to work, clean, go to the gym, run around with my kids, I feel like a slug. I can't move that much or it seems to get worse. I think these new issues might have been from sweeping/mopping but it's been a week! Anyone else experience this? I feel horrible complaining because I was very lucky to have my tumor come back benign, and I know this could be so much worse. I just didn't think over a week out I'd still be so out of commission. It's also hard to imagine that this scar will be little, it's huge to me. Again, I apologize for complaining.