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34 with red mark that wont go away

Pandadoll Member Posts: 1


I am growing concerned about possible IBC. I am 34 and have no kids. In late 2013 I noticed a persistent and annoying itch on the nipple of my left breast lasting at least a month.  I assumed it was an irritation, but I'd never experienced anything like that before.  In December, a red mark appeared below my nipple almost overnight.  It was not as a result of scratching.  It was Somewhat veiny and shiny.  I went to the gynecologist. They found no lumps, but sent me for a sonogram. They said mastitis, which didn't seem to even line up with my symptoms. The sonogram results were ok, or so I was told.  I did not get a printout of the results, which bothered me a bit.  I have since called for same.  Come April and the red mark showed no signs of going away.  I went to the dermatologist for unrelated issues and said, hey, while I am here, I may as well show him the breast.  He saw it and said it should have healed already and then did a biopsy the same day for what he indicated could be a weird thing that didn't heal properly or skin cancer.  I am waiting the results and have now developed another red veiny patch below the other.  At first I thought it was a bruise from the biopsy but it is red and not yellowing.  I am getting a referral to a specialist just to make sure all is ok.  I am concerned because I've also developed weird scaly bumps on the crown of my head and am having memory issues.  I get intermittent pain in the left breast.  There are striation type lines that I noticed on both breasts a couple years ago which I just assumed were stretch marks or something.  I see little dimples on both breasts, like faint strawberry seeds, but they are not hard and neither breast is inflamed.  It kind of just looks like goosebumps, but even when I'm not cold. 

I know that forum members may not be medical professionals, and I do not wish to be insulting to diagnosed women, but if anyone has any input I'd appreciate it.  I'm getting a referral to the specialist and have contacted the dermatologist to find out whether the biopsy would pick up breast cancer or just skin cancer.  

The red mark up top is from biopsy where first red mark was, and one below is new.  There are marks from the removal of a band aid which should be discounted.


Thank you for reading.  


  • Infobabe
    Infobabe Member Posts: 52
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    You are doing the right thing, pursuing the problem until you get answers.  There is little we women can add but maybe some who have had similar problems will see our post.  

  • dlb823
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    Pandadoll, I couldn't begin to venture a guess as to what's going on, but it sounds like your dermatologist took the right step in doing a biopsy.  And, yes, if this is some type of skin or other cancer, the biopsy will identify the type of cells involved.

    When you say you're being referred to a specialist, do you mean a breast specialist?      

    Hoping whatever it is is benign!    Deanna

  • sheila888
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    I don't know the first one but the second one could be an alergic reaction to adhesive tape

    Just saying because i had severe problems with tapes

    I'm glad they didn't dismiss the problem and did a biopsy