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Calcium with Magnesium, a reminder

stagefree Member Posts: 360

hi ladies,

As bone metsters, many of us are on calcium supplements, and many on multivitamins containing both calcium & magnesium. 

Having had used such a combo for a while last year, I learned today from a group of German MDs that it's a no no! That they should be consumed 12 hours apart. Calcium in the morning & magnesium at night. When taken both at the same time, they cause soft tissue damage, sigh! We already have enough to deal with.. So wanted to share the info in case..




  • exbrnxgrl
    exbrnxgrl Member Posts: 4,648
    edited August 2014

    Really? I hate finding out that what was right one day is wrong the next. It's like some kind of cruel shell game.

  • stagefree
    stagefree Member Posts: 360
    edited August 2014

    maybe gals from Germany will chime in. İ am assured by my German friend's MD of many years. İt's banned to sell such supplements in pharmacies there.

    İ will be using them separately when İ will receive my order of them in any case. 

    We don't have the calcium-magnesium-d3 all in one here anyway... 


  • leggo
    leggo Member Posts: 379
    edited August 2014

    Hmmm. I was told that a normal person (without bone mets) taking the recommended daily allowance of calcium and magnesium can take them together. For us bone metsters who need more calcium, magnesium should be taken seperately because magnesium will cause extra calcium to be released into the kidneys resulting in stones, decreased function, etc. More importantly, is the kind of calcium (which should be citrate), because the wrong kind with magnesium will just cancel each other out. This is the first I've heard of soft tissue damage. Thanks for posting this.....important question for the doctor. I don't want to exacerbate an already painful situation. 

  • bhd1
    bhd1 Member Posts: 173
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    thanks for the info ibru

  • kayrnic
    kayrnic Member Posts: 111
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    Dang......I guess I have to dump the magnesium or take it at night. Do we need the magnesium for anything specific? I just took it because it came in a combo pill with calcium and zinc......both were recommended for post surgery healing!

  • car2tenn
    car2tenn Member Posts: 132
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    thank you for your post...I have NEVER heard this piece of information but I will change my daily dosing. Carolyn from Music City, Nashville

  • raro
    raro Member Posts: 78
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    Well, I was also told that the body doesn't process more than 500 mg of calcium at a time, so I have been taking 500 in the morning and then again at night. But you also aren't supposed to take calcium within a few hours of thyroid meds (I have no thyroid), so...gah, how do we measure out when to take pills?! I was also told that magnesium helps the calcium be absorbed better. All this conflicting information...ah, the good old days when I just ate healthy and had no handfuls of pills to take..!

  • glennie19
    glennie19 Member Posts: 4,831
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    Hi, I'm a pharmacist, and I've never heard of such a problem of causing soft tissue damage.  Yes, Calcium and Magnesium are both 2+ Cations and compete along the same pathways for absorbtion. That's why you shoudn't take them at the same time, cuz one will bump the other off and you won't get absorption of both minerals. This is true for Iron also. 

    Calcium competes with zinc, manganese, magnesium, copper and iron for absorption in the intestine and a high intake of one can reduce absorption of the others.


    As the body can really only absorb 500-600 mg of calcium at a time, my suggestion would be to take your calcium in split doses, and then take your magnesium 3-4 hours before or after, so that absorption of each mineral will be complete. That goes for iron too, if you are also taking that.

    If anyone can find the actual source that they need to be taken 12 hours apart, I would certainly appreciate a link. The Germans are more advanced than Americans with vitamins and other natural studies but this one just doesn't make sense to me.

    thanks, glennie

  • stagefree
    stagefree Member Posts: 360
    edited August 2014


    I just received my pack of pills and started using them. 

    Unfortunately I have no access to the German docs as I live in Turkiye. Neither is my German good enough to contact them. But will be happy to share any further evidence with you all, as always, if I do have such access. 

    I am bummed myself to find this out after 3 years of comsuming the vits. 


  • stagefree
    stagefree Member Posts: 360
    edited August 2014

    btw they have a doc at each pharmacy there!!!