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Wrinkles/stretch marks/not sure

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hi!  I have noticed what looks to be quite a lot of wrinkles/stretch marks/indentations on both my breasts.  They are horizantal lines under and on the inside of my breasts.  I have nursed 4 kids so not sure if that has contributed to this.  Should I be concerned?  No other issues or problems.  I have a hard time finding info online about this.  I wish I could find pictures to see what is normal.  Any thoughts or websites for me to look at would be helpful.


  • Question38
    Question38 Member Posts: 2
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    These are pics of the indentations and lines. [second photo removed by Moderators]

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    Dear Question38, welcome to the BCO Forums. This is a safe place to discuss issues such as yours, but we always recommend you see your doctor and we hope you find it to be an easily treated or hormonal change only.

    The internet is a dangerous place for medical self-diagnosis
    as it will usually direct people to the worst and most severe causes. A change in breast surface of the breast leads many people straight to what are actually a rare form of the different breast cancers. You
    problem is likely to be only dermatological or hormonal, but only a doctor can
    determine the correct testing path to follow.

    This forum is not the place to post explicit photos of problem areas, let alone your whole breasts (that is why one has been removed). Please refrain from posting photos, as members are not able to diagnose problems from photos and for your own protection too. You need to seek professional medical assessments, so please see your Doctor for any strange breast changes as only medical professionals are able to diagnose problems.

    All our best.

    The Mods