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hair loss with ibrance

Laurie09 Member Posts: 29

Hi guys,

I was wondering how many people have experienced hair thinning or loss with ibrance?  I just started it about 4 weeks ago.  My Dr. told me my hair might thin.  I noticed a few extra strands coming out initially, but now it's multiple strands multiple times a day. 

Just wondering if others have had hair loss significant enough that it was noticeable? 


  • Lynnwood1960
    Lynnwood1960 Member Posts: 1,107
    edited August 2015

    Laurie, I am in my 5th cycle of Ibrance and my hair is fine. No loss at all, for which I am grateful

  • ShetlandPony
    ShetlandPony Member Posts: 3,063
    edited August 2015

    Laurie, did you start a new hormonal therapy at the same time as Ibrance? I told my onc that while my head looks ok, my hair has thinned everywhere else. She thinks letrozole is the culprit, and that my chemo curls would hide thinning on my head. (five cycles so far)

  • mdillard04
    mdillard04 Member Posts: 83
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    On 2nd week of 3rd cycle and I notice that I am losing long strands when I comb my hair. Nothing too major yet. I do take letrozole in addition to the Ibrance.


  • Hummingbird4
    Hummingbird4 Member Posts: 220
    edited August 2015

    I lost most of my hair during a trial I was in until July. Now, 2 months into Ibrance/Femara - I see tiny new hairs coming in all over my head. Lots of them! I am so hoping this hair growth continues!!!! Would really like to ditch the wig!!!!!

  • EricaS-1950
    EricaS-1950 Member Posts: 1
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    Hi Laurie09,

    I started Ibrance January of 2016. No noticeable issues with hair until October of same year. Now December 2016 my hair is extremely thin and I'm wearing a wig. I've been on Femara since October of 2013. Did not lose hair on Femara alone. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1987. I had a lumpectomy and all my lymph nodes removed which were all positive. In 1987 I was on chemo for 9 months and 37 treatments of radiation. In 1989 diagnosed with breast cancer on the other breast. Lumpectomy and 35 treatments of radiation. No hair loss then. In 2013 diagnosed with breast cancer that spread to my sternum. Started Femara. Late 2015 cancer spread around the heart. Now on both Femara and Ibrance. I hope this helped.

  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 7,670
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  • JustG22
    JustG22 Member Posts: 18
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    Been on Ibrance/Letrozole combo for 2 cycles.  I have noticed a few strands after shower but may just be that I am paying closer attention.  I will update.  I did purchase a wig 'just in case'.  Blessings to everyone. :)

  • jacmaxmom
    jacmaxmom Member Posts: 1
    edited April 2017

    Hello, I just found out this week that after just under 2 years being on Faslodex, it has stopped working and I have progression. I have multiple new lymph nodes, a lung nodule and a new brain lesion on my recent PET/CT. All of the multiple bone lesions remain under control and some are healing. My Oncologist is considering Ibrance in place of the faslodex so I am just wondering about side effects. I am 42yo with 2 boys 9 and 11, when I discussed with them what's going on one of the first questions was if I was going to be sick and lose my hair again. I have lost my hair twice, with initial chemo in 2010 and again on Haloven in 2015 with the recurrence until they started targeted therapy. My QOL has been great for the past year and 1/2, just wondering what I amfacing. I am devastated with this progression.

  • cive
    cive Member Posts: 265
    edited April 2017

    jacmaxmom Hmm.  Have you been on letrozole previously?  Ibrance is a targeted therapy (chemo light), but has only been approved with an aromatase inhibiter (femara/letrozole) or faslodex.  Or is he just adding it to your existing faslodex? 

  • Topaz122
    Topaz122 Member Posts: 12
    edited June 2017

    I am new to this forum. Started Ibrance 1/17 125 mg. and had 10 days of radiation during the 21 day cycle. Ended up in hospital for one week and no Ibrance for about 40 days. Then "negotiated" Ibrance 75 mg. with my onc. Just started 3rd cycle of Ibrance without Letrozole. I've been on Anastrozole since about 7/17.

  • chicagoan
    chicagoan Member Posts: 937
    edited June 2017


    I just finished my 8th cycle of Ibrance. I lost a lot of hair initially-the first three months, my hair was constantly falling out-it was all over my clothes, my home and my car. Fortunately I have very thick hair-friends said my hair now looked "normal" but it was still discouraging. Now it seems that the hair loss has stopped-it slowed after 3 months and I think it has stopped. Just one woman's experience.

  • Mccindi
    Mccindi Member Posts: 1
    edited July 2017

    thank you for posting this, Chicagoan! I'm so happy to hear it!I just finished my third cycle of ibrance and my hair Had been thinning since cycle 2, unfortunately mine is not naturally thick like yours so I'm hoping like you the thinning stops! fingers crossed!

  • annmary
    annmary Member Posts: 2
    edited December 2017

    I have been on Ibrance and Fasoldex for about 1 year so I just finished my 13th cycle. My hair is VERY thin. I think the hair loss has stopped. It started falling out around the 4th or 5th cycle and REALLY started to speed up around the 10th cycle. I sure hope it starts to grow back. It's pretty thin on top and thicker in the back and on the sides.

    Any recent news or updates on this?


  • Hopeful17
    Hopeful17 Member Posts: 20
    edited December 2017


    Also wondering if the hair that is lost through Ibrance grows back, or is that hair loss permanent?

    Also, has anyone experienced not general thinning but more like receding hairline, or male pattern baldness?

    This feels so much worse than losing it all from chemo, I feel anyway.

  • pajim
    pajim Member Posts: 930
    edited December 2017

    I was on Faslodex (lose about 1/4 of my hair) for four years and Ibrance (lose another quarter of my hair) for one of those years.

    Six months later I definitely have at lot more hair than I did. I don't think it's all the way back to pre-cancer days but definitely better.

    Do not dispair!

  • GayleK
    GayleK Member Posts: 2
    edited January 2018

    Hello -- I'm just starting my 4th cycle of Ibrance with faslodex, as well as taking letrozole for the past month. I have lost more than 1/2 my hair in the past three months. It was slow at first. I would just see more hair in my brush than normal. Now I am shedding! I fear I will lose all my hair at this rate. (I am hoping that like Chicagoan, it will stop falling out!)

    Let me put this in perspective: I'd rather be bald than dead.

    Okay, having established that, going bald is not fun! Been there with chemo 12 years ago and hated wigs.

    I talked with a Pfizer pharmacist who stated that they have no information except what was gathered in the Trials. That seems to be limited to the fact that only 33% experienced the side effect of hair thinning or loss. Suggested I ask my oncologist. I did and really did not get the information I need. Has anyone got advice about dealing with this? I'd really like to hear from those of you who have experience with how hair loss with Ibrance progresses. (Unless it quits working, this is my life.) Maybe someone knows of further studies that might shed (haha) light on this???


  • kglee
    kglee Member Posts: 29
    edited June 2020

    I realize this is a reply/question to an older post, but I have searched and can't find the answer to a similar question. So how are you ladies now doing with the hair thinning/loss with Ibrance? I am on my ninth cycle and it doesn't seem to be getting better. Good new tumors are shrinking. But at this rate it will take another nine months or more to get tumors to go away (if). But unfortunately, so will my hair. I have a bald spot in the back and thinned receded around the sides, temple, and the top. Will it grow back? I apologize if this answered somewhere else, but I honestly have searched. I am so frustrated. I hate be being patronized by my doctors, saying I look fine. But then my family stares at me concerning.

  • spookiesmom
    spookiesmom Member Posts: 8,148
    edited June 2020

    This is an older thread, so the op may have left.

    I’ve been on I/L about a year. Have done aramidex and tamoxifen, hair loss, but still had some. This combo is finishing off what little I had. Can see my scalp all around. Look like Friar Tuck on top. I hate it, nothing I know of to be done. Wigs are hot and itchy here, won’t wear. I do wear a ball cap that is embroidered with MY ONCOLOGIST DOES MY HAIR. At least I won’t get sunburn wearing it.

  • nkb
    nkb Member Posts: 1,561
    edited June 2020

    Spookiesmom- there is a baseball cap with hair attached that looks quite normal and is much more comfortable than a wig- it may seem a little strange for indoor activities - but, who is doing that these days

  • spookiesmom
    spookiesmom Member Posts: 8,148
    edited June 2020

    True. I only wear the hat when I’m doing groceries. Don’t go other places, I’m in the high risk category. DH has cancer too, he’s loosing his hair.He is not a happy camper I said welcome to my world. It’s really hot and humid here, will be till November. I’ll just muddle along.

  • tina2
    tina2 Member Posts: 753
    edited June 2020

    I'm in the middle of Cycle 4. My hair is seriously thinning. As the RN who administers my Faslodex suggested, I'm limiting washing to several times a week and no longer use a blow dryer or "product." I had my last coloring months ago.

    When I see my hairdresser in a few weeks, I'll ask her for an appropriate cut that satisfies my vanity. Good luck with that, hon.

    I have absurdly sensitive skin, so I can't imagine wearing a wig.

    Any suggestions? (Other than "Stop whining.")

    Ticked-Off Tina

  • kglee
    kglee Member Posts: 29
    edited June 2020

    Thanks for the replies. I have gone to washing less. Hair dresser tried cutting it to try to hide some areas. I wish I had suggestions. I would be trying them as well. Mine if falling out very similar to the older post here where it very thin and noticeable at top. I have some at the bottom. So when I go walking, I wear it in a pony tail with a ball cap. I guess I will have to wear it like that other places as well. I am 54, but I look as old as my 81 year old mom. I have a doctors appointment on Monday, I am hoping that since I am showing progress, he will cut the dosage because I have heard that helps, but again I can't find anyone that can confirm or any topics that say it will come back. That would give me some hope. I know I sound vein. But feeling sick is one thing, but I hate looking sick. If that makes any sense. I rarely post anything, because I know there are worse. Just trying to live life as normal as possible. But I shouldn't complain, what is normal these days?