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Occipital neuralgia?


Has anyone experienced this? I have been having what I thought to be recurrent ear infections for the past few months. I did have fluid in my middle ear for several months that would not stay gone, but would clear up with antibiotics and steroids. I also have had severe allergy attacks -- congestion, earache, sneezing, runny nose, etc., and have had a couple of colds. Finally went to an ENT -- he says no chronic sinusitis, no ear fluid, and he thinks the pain is allergy related. However, nothing seems to help except steroids, and when I stop taking them, the pain comes back. The pain is one sided (left), usually begins in my ear and radiates to the back of the scalp on that side and the upper neck on that side. It is not disabling (controls well with ibuprofen), but it hurts. And I have scalp tenderness where it hurts. I read that occipital neuralgia is common after chemo, but then it also said that occipital neuralgia is sometimes caused by tumors compressing the vertebrae in the neck. I finally broke down and made an appointment with my MO for Thursday afternoon. Anyone had anything like this?


  • lanagraves
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    Spoke with ENT this afternoon. He seems to think it's TMJ instead of occipital neuralgia.

  • Falconer
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    thanks for your post. I have been struggling with similar pain symptoms for the past two months now and have been searching for info that answers the connection between bc and the pain symptoms. Have you received a resolution to that persistent problem? Hope you are well

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  • Bonnie7
    Bonnie7 Member Posts: 16
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    Hi Falconer,

    I too am experiencing similar issues, pretty worrying at times as I have had vertigo with it and work full time!

    Hope you are feeling better and sorry to hear you and others have to deal with this on top of everything else!

    Kind regards!


  • KBeee
    KBeee Member Posts: 695
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    Hoping they find something that relieves it. That sounds frustrating.