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Painful small bump on the bra line

Q-Tee Member Posts: 2
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Recently, I noticed a small bump on my bra line. It is sore because my bra is right up against it. I had my first digital mammogram, and I was called to come back for additional films. I also had an ultrasound. The Radiologist told me that he did not see any signs of cancer, but he also suggested that I return in 6 months. I am still concerned, so I made an appointment with my OBGYN for July 1st. He has the report, and knowing my doctor and how thorough he is, I am sure that if it were an emergency I would have been there today. I want him to check it, and advise me as to what I should do, if anything. I am hoping that it is only a cyst. If there were any signs of cancer, wouldn't they have shown up on the mammogram and ultrasound? I am very concerned because my mom had breast cancer.


  • marie5890
    marie5890 Member Posts: 111
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    Hi Q-Tee and welcome.

    Radiologists are doctors who specialize in anything to do with x-rays and similar technologies, including mammos, U/S , MRI, CT and Pet Scans, etc etc etc.

    He gave you the all clear, which is great!!! And to be prudent, suggested you have a follow up in 6 months. Sending his results to your OBGYN is a good thing.

    Know this, Many many things , including all kinds of lumps, can happen to our breasts, and most have zero to do with cancer. :)

    Go to your follow up with your OB/GYN and in the meantime, enjoy your summer!!! :)