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Infected sweat gland on breast, 3 different diagnoses

paradise274 Member Posts: 1
edited July 2016 in Benign Breast Conditions

About 4 years ago or so I had found a lump on the inner corner of my breast like by the breast bone/ cleavage area. It was diagnosed as a Lipoma through an ultrasound. It got just a tiny bit bigger over the years and 3 months ago one day I noticed it was turning red. It kept growing and my doctor told me it was an abscess and prescribed antibiotics, sent me on my way. A week or so later it was getting bigger and uglier along and of course painful. I called my doctor and they referred me to breast health. By the time I had made my appointment, which took at least another week to get, the abscess popped in the doctors office. He still lanced it, drained it and put a wick in it. Probably about a month after that it was still kind of a gaping hole in my breast and very much uncomfortable and painful. He did tell me that it must have originally been a cyst, and at some point you know it just grew and got infected like they do. So the hole did pretty much close up there was like what looked like a pimple still so like still a hole and I could clearly feel that lump was still in there after all of that. Next time I saw him he said it has to come out and I was so upset about it he said that there is the option of putting me under general anesthesia. Of course I said yes - 3 weeks later went it and had it removed no problem. 2 days after my internal stitches came out so again I had a gaping wound :( went back and the just put steri strips on the part that had opened up. Because the stitch came out instead of having a straight across scar I have like this big hole type scar can't even explain it. ANYWAY the last follow up my doctor said that what had caused it was an infected sweat gland.He said when he removed the tissue he didn't find anything like a cyst wall or what not. I have never really heard of this before and I can't find much stuff on the internet. Last night it appeared that the wound had opened again and I think it was from sleeping a way that my breasts are squished together? I just am not sure what I should do, whether to see the doctor again or just wait it out to see if does finally completely close. If anyone has any information of the sorts it would be great!

Sorry for such a long synopsis but its all kind of necessary to me! :)