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Side Effects After Stopping Tamoxifen (Weight Gain?)

Otterlike Member Posts: 1

Hi all, for some reason, I started thinking about what happens when I get off the Tamoxifen.

I still have 2 years to go but of course, they are recommending the 10. Hey, 50-60% reduction of recurrence is great for 5 years, but 3-4% for the next 5, no thanks.

I have the brain fuzziness, memory problems. I've had the joint issues and hot flashes especially at the beginning but now mostly worst around my period. Period was fine at the beginning but in the past year has changed to around 2-3 days with the first 24 hours being like a slaughter house apocalypse. I have to pour out my 2 oz Diva cup practically every hour, I wear pads and I still bleed through. At least after that, it's super light. So I'm really looking forwards to stopping it for the memory stuff and the bleeding (my sheets, my seats, my underwear, my everything, are very much looking forwards to it too).

However, since I started taking it, I have lost almost 30 pounds. Now this could be because after rads, when I couldn't gain or lose weight, I started the Tamoxifen but I was also allowed to lose weight again. I take a Russian combat martial art and this may have helped a bit too. But mostly, I just don't eat all that much. Dunno if this is just me and my old habits or the Tamoxifen suppresses appetite or whatever, but that's mostly, probably why I lost weight.

So, for the folks that experienced weight loss on the medication, did you note a big weight gain back when you stopped taking it? (I know this is kind of opposite from a lot of ladies' experiences) Also, what, if any, other symptoms did you experience when you stopped taking it? My oncologist said my memory issues may (or may not) be permanent, so just wondering what other people have experienced.

Thanks so much,