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Ibrance side effects/can I return to work


I'm starting Ibrance tomorrow and I am wondering what everyone's experience is with it?

Thank you



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    Hi Tara-

    You might want to check out our thread on Ibrance, to hear firsthand from members who are currently taking it or have taken it: Lots of great info there!

    Best of luck with your treatment!

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    Hi Pinkbungadoo. There's an Ibrance thread in the Stage IV Forum. Lots of input there about this fairly new drug.

    I think the side effects depend a bit on the patient: what they went through before and their general state of health. In my experience, the initial dosage (125mg) was too much for me. I was able to work, but I was very fatigued, and my white blood cell count tanked. I also had some sores and some itchiness, and my skin was very dry. It wasn't unbearable, but I was glad to switch to the 100 mg dosage. Most of the side-effects went away at that point.

    One thing that's kind of anecdotal: some members here had problems with their digestion. I didn't, and I think that's because I gave up dairy products when I was diagnosed. I believe my plant-based diet has helped me not to have as many adverse effects from the treatments I've been on.

    Anyway, check out the Ibrance thread. And welcome to the forum.