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Weight Loss

Artista928 Member Posts: 1,458

So my dad is offering to pay for Nutrisystem. I am so overweight and can't do it on my own. Anyone have success with them or someone else who provides the food. If the food is awful, I probably won't stick to it. I don't like the kitchen so ship to my door is best. I know it's a life style and I'd have to change my eating habits to maintain it, but I do need a huge jump start.



  • OrcaPorkka
    OrcaPorkka Member Posts: 18

    Sorry no one responded to you. I hope you have found a good way to lose the weight. Many of us struggle with it for sure

  • Artista928
    Artista928 Member Posts: 1,458

    Thanks. :) I know me. If I don't like the food it'll be a waste of money. And even if a plan has good food, you can tire of it before you are ready to go off of it. So my pcp is rx'ing me Phentermine, an appetite suppressant since my problem is mainly portion control. I'm not too of the rails with the junk food aspect.

  • sbelizabeth
    sbelizabeth Member Posts: 955

    Arista, be aware that phentermine works OK for a few weeks--after that the effects fade. It can also result in insomnia for some. But if it's a kick start you need, it might be the ticket.

  • Artista928
    Artista928 Member Posts: 1,458

    Thanks. As part of the bargain to trying it I have to check in once a month. Glad pcp is doing this not only to see if it's working, but it's extra motivation as I need to be held accountable to someone- doesn't work being accountable to myself. haha. I already have insomnia with the se's I have. I get maybe 2-4 hours sleep most nights. I don't work so I'm able to cat nap to make up for the lousy nights.

  • peaches1
    peaches1 Member Posts: 53

    Artista- I know you have bum knees, but you might lose more weight if you also do some water aerobics, which would be gentle on your knees. You'll have much better success if you add some exercise.

  • chisandy
    chisandy Member Posts: 11,171

    Prepackaged food diet plans can work if:

    • You hate to cook (or don't know how)
    • You live alone (or others in your household are willing to fend for themselves at mealtime)
    • You are not particular about taste and textures—as a corollary, you have simple tastes in food and no preconceptions about what certain dishes are really supposed to taste like
    • You also don't travel or need to dine out (and don't get embarrassed asking wait staff to nuke your prefab meal)
    • You are willing to easily double your grocery budget for less food
    • You have trouble with portion control as an inability to gauge portion size, not as an inability to be satisfied with smaller portions.
    • You have lots and lots of space in your pantry, fridge, freezer or all three (depending on which plan you choose)
    • You are not easily bored.
    • Either your plan delivers your food, or you don't mind having to drive (further than your grocery) and haul it home.

    I never tried Nutri-System (perhaps because I never did like Marie Osmond).

    I tried Seattle Sutton, and they weren't kidding about “low sodium, low cholesterol, low fat." (Sadly, they neglected to mention “no flavor”). The only seasonings they ever used were black pepper; their occasional breakfast smoothie was the consistency, color, and taste of Pepto-Bismol…and not much bigger than the size of a medicine cup. (Yenta #1: “Such awful food! Yenta #2: “And such small portions"). And I was performing late at night and therefore needing to dine out 50 mi. from home often enough to amass extra frozen meals—none of which my family was willing to eat. You did have to provide your own skim milk, but they provided the occasional piece of very unripe fruit—which you were instructed to “ripen" by nuking it. And it cost as much as Jenny Craig, with far less variety.

    I did Jenny Craig for nearly a year and lost 60 lbs. But I got really bored two months into maintenance (not to mention my back blowing out on me at my goal weight—I felt like my body violated the contract I'd made with it). At least when you're halfway to goal, you can have one day a week of real food, following a food-exchange system with the same calories & nutrients as the prefab stuff. I was able to “doctor up" some of the canned foods by adding seasonings and small amounts of green vegetables. But one day I snapped at having to keep a food diary and report back to a counselor with little-to-no nutritional expertise every week, long after achieving my goal weight. (I have a very sensitive bullshit detector and a low tolerance for it).

    Bear in mind that most prefab-food plans are based on nutritional principles that are at least 5-10 years obsolete. And even the protein-based ones are draconian, expensive, and dreadful. (One, Ideal Protein, advises against exercise. Considering it’s only 1000 cal./day, no wonder).

  • TwistDemo
    TwistDemo Member Posts: 1

    Maybe you can drink tea every day.

  • sbelizabeth
    sbelizabeth Member Posts: 955

    I have many, many friends, neighbors, and acquaintances who have followed many, many, diet "plans." Nutri-system, Jennie Craig, Atkins, South Beach, high-fat/low carb, high carb/low fat. Almost everyone has lost weight, and then become bored, hungry, and tired of feeling deprived, and gained it back.

    The only plan I've seen work long-term is weight watchers. It still involves mindful eating but it seems to fit into life a bit better than most.

  • gmafoley
    gmafoley Member Posts: 5,977

    Ladies I have to watch what is in my foods and lots of those plans use soy protein isolate. My cancer was 100% estrogen/ progesterone positive. I was told to stay away from anything with soy protein isolate. The cancer center did and study on the 2-day diet. It is high protein, low carb for 2 days and then mediterranean plan for the other five days. I did well on the study, but found I am an emotional eater and no diet plan helps that. I am now trying to get back to watching what I eat and keeping my trigger foods out of the house.

  • marieann1020
    marieann1020 Member Posts: 15

    hi - I know I'm replying to an old post ( sorry)

    Actually it's just a question-

    did you do on phentermine-?

    I had breast cancer 9 yrs ago - taking Arimedex for 10yrs

    - I've gained 30 pounds & I really need to loose it

    —- how did you do with Phe

    Do you recommend it?

    Hope you are doing well


  • lovelau
    lovelau Member Posts: 40

    did you take aromatase inhibitors. I have similar stats as you and have anxiety. Dr said im in remission no cancer in my body. Lost 60 pounds 2cpounds a week.

    My biggest problem is anxiety, tried meds but didn't work. Need new strategy. Good ideas? Thanks

  • minustwo
    minustwo Member Posts: 13,002

    LoveLau - there has not been an active post on this thread since 2017 so I expect many of these people no longer post. I recommend you talk to your oncologist about the weight loss. Or if you are no longer seeing that doc, then your PCP. Also there are lots of anti-anxiety meds. Don't give up after trying only one of two.

  • lovelau
    lovelau Member Posts: 40

    my oncologist discharged me to pcp. They don't want to deal with the mental health issue as they say I'm treatment resistant. I lost weight over r3 years, when oncologist discharged me she ssidvi could lose a few more pounds since then I gained about 6 pounds instead of losing.

    I took a dbt class and the dbt therapist never understood me. When I ask any question she says she already told me that. Why would I ask the same question if I already knew the answer.

    Anyway the psychiatrist said that I would know if the meds are working cause i would feel good. I dont and I'm really looking for some ladies who had bad anxiety and were able to deal with it eventually. If I wind up living another 5 or 10 years I dont want to feel so terrible. They tell me change my thinking and so I do. I explained that I do then then the therapist that's correct. Then what? She says then do an activity that you love and enjoy.

    Anyway I've been trying to find some good stuff here on positive mental health but I have not been able to do that. What a shame. I really need help. I havevgotten a lot of help but nothing hits the ball out of the court.


    Whats next

  • mountainmia
    mountainmia Member Posts: 857

    Hi LoveLau. It sounds like you're really struggling with the anxiety issues. Unfortunately, while there is some help here for mental health, it really is primarily about cancer, so I don't know if you'll find the key here. As MinusTwo said, there are a lot of different anxiety meds. If you've tried something and it didn't work well for you, I encourage you to go back to the psychiatrist and ask to try something different. Also if you aren't already working with someone for talk therapy, you might find relief with that. Someone trained in CBT, cognitive behavioral therapy, or MBSR, mindfulness-based stress reduction, might be able to guide you to dealing better with the anxiety.

  • SupportforAmy12
    SupportforAmy12 Member Posts: 14

    LoveLau, we are here for you. Remember that you are strong! I utilize a few things like this to boost my mood when feeling 'off'. They tend to domino into feeling happy throughout the day, and making experiences with people better. Tips for anxiety