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Supraclavicular Node

Hi everyone,

So I've been trying not to be worried but alas... we go through this I think.

I am two boost radiation treatments away from being DONE with treatments! So I'm excited!! But there's a small cloud over it. I feel like I'm being silly but still...

Two weeks ago I found a small supraclavicular lymph node above my collarbone while putting my lotion on. It was definitely NOT there before. I had been having irritation from radiation to that area. So I thought maybe it was rads. RO said maybe bacteria got in, but confirmed it wasn't from rads itself. Said we would watch it. It's been two weeks and it's still there.

They are no longer radiating that area so it is starting to heal and is not painful. I was hoping the node would go away when that went away.

I am an ultrasound tech and scanned it. It is measuring only 1cm (larger than 5mm is abnormal for them)and doesn't look too bad. Some benign features and some features that could point to malignancy so basically I can't tell either way.

I'm nervous but don't want to be! It makes me so angry this popped up two weeks before the end of my treatments when I'm supposed to be celebrating! Which I WILL be regardless but I'll have a small cloud.

Any thoughts? Similar experiences?

Thanks for listening anyways.



  • Tinkerbells
    Tinkerbells Member Posts: 53
    edited April 2017

    hey lynnie- sorry you have this worry as you finish up your treatment. From what you describe, perhaps it's a reactive node related to radiation? Maybe posting in the rads forum would result in someone going through same experience. I had a lump under my collarbone recently which was related to fat grafting. It's never easy, right? It's so hard to turn off that's portion of our brains that fears the worst. Please keep us posted

  • LynnieRich
    LynnieRich Member Posts: 5
    edited April 2017

    Yeah, it probably is that. I asked the RO and he seemed to think maybe bacteria from my skin irritation from rads (it was super red and peeling right at the collarbone) was the cause and we will "watch it".

    My skin is healing pretty fast so hopefully the node will go away over the next couple weeks. Logically, I know it's probably nothing, but you can never be 100% certain until you're certain right?

    I guess this sort of anxiety will be normal from here on out... I just hate it! Thanks for responding.

    Ps- I did put something on rad forum and no responses. I put a post on another forum and the only one who responded had that too during radiation and it was cancer! So no reassurance there!

  • Tinkerbells
    Tinkerbells Member Posts: 53
    edited April 2017

    Hey Lynnie- just checking in to see how you are doing

  • KBeee
    KBeee Member Posts: 695
    edited April 2017

    It seems logical that nodes would react to radiation. As your body tries to heal, it's sending extra fluid to the area. If your other nodes have been removed at all, there are less there to drain, so it makes sense these would have to pick up the slack. Hoping they decrease soon. I am glad they're keeping an eye on them

  • Tpralph
    Tpralph Member Posts: 281
    edited April 2017

    linnieritch I have had 1cm nodes in my cervical chain all my life (2) one on each side. so I don't think that just because it is 1cm it is abnormal. I know we r taught to watch it at that size but worry so much more at 2 cm

    Not saying that this is not abnormal for you just wanted to give you a different perspective.

    Is it hard? Immobile? Glad your oncologist is aware of it.

  • LynnieRich
    LynnieRich Member Posts: 5
    edited May 2017

    hey all! I'm doing okay. Thanks for the kind responses. It is still there. My skin is healed but it's still there. My MO said wait 3-4 weeks because they can take awhile to go down.

    1cm isn't too big for sure. Abnormal size for the supraclav but not other places. Still very small! I think I only need to worry if it gets bigger which so far it hasn't!

  • Lana8880
    Lana8880 Member Posts: 1
    edited August 2017

    Hello Lynnie, how are you doing? How are your node they you found? Hope all is good