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Knowing any Chinese ladies who need help in Vancouver area?

hlya Member Posts: 29

Hi, Ladies,

If you see any Chinese ladies who need an interpreter during breast cancer related treatments, you could give my contact to them. I used to help couple of Chinese ladies during their treatments, incl. seeing their oncologists/doctors, reading pathology report, providing information/translating documents, etc.....

I am a BC survivor and my schedule is flexible. I also have a car. I read lots of articles on internet and believe I know this disease better than a generic interpreter.

I'm inMetro Vancouver area. Could provide on-line help for other areas.

Please PM me if you see anyone who needs help. Please contact me through email: [email protected].



  • Icietla
    Icietla Member Posts: 321

    So kind of you to wish to help others through the breast cancer experience.

    Have you thought of volunteering for Imerson Angels as a breast cancer mentor/support angel?

  • hlya
    hlya Member Posts: 29

    Hi, Icietle,

    Did you get ILC? I am an ILC woman as well.

    I am not in the States, how could I help? Also do they have some Chinese women who need help? I could help them over the phone if necessary.

    Thanks for the opportunity

  • Icietla
    Icietla Member Posts: 321

    Yes, I am an ILC-er too.

    What you do is, you apply on the website to volunteer as a Mentor. Very soon they interview you by phone, and then they transmit to you guidance and tests on being a Mentor. When someone is matched with you (not necessarily by particular diagnosis -- could be for your having your disease experience and your language skills, for instance), the organization contacts you to tell you generally about the person requesting support from you, and then you contact the person.

  • hlya
    hlya Member Posts: 29

    Thanks Icietla!

  • pzm
    pzm Member Posts: 1

    hello hlya, I have PM your message. We need your help! Thank you very much!

  • hlya
    hlya Member Posts: 29

    Bump up

  • BWorrier
    BWorrier Member Posts: 6