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Biozorb? Accelerated partial breast radiation?

lford_az Member Posts: 1


Just joined this forum today, it's a-mazing! Sooo helpful.

I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago after an annual 3D mammogram & MRI Mammogram: stage 1, grade 1.

I've been "interviewing" (let's just call it what it is) surgeons & oncologists. I'm considering the Biozorb. I see a post from Virgina123 on 2/15/16 regarding her biozorb experience (pain) but no updates.

Does anyone else have pros/cons regarding the biozorb? I understand that, with the Biozorb, I will have to do traditional, 6-week radiation versus the 5-day accelerated partial breast radiation. Also wondering about the pros & cons of the 5-day vs the traditional radiation.

Hugs & best wishes to everyone going through this. I'm naturally a bit of a Pollyanna & have already kicked the shit out of thyroid cancer, so am not too freaked about this. Still, I want to make smart decisions.

Thank you in advance for your feedback.


  • chisandy
    chisandy Member Posts: 11,223
    edited May 2017

    It’s most useful when oncoplasty or reduction is done at the time of lumpectomy. Reduction can make it difficult to determine the location of the tumor cavity for targeting radiation (especially partial-breast). The Biozorb marks it clearly. My only questions are why you would need 6 weeks if you were normally a candidate for APBI, and what happens if, after implanting the device, the surgeon was unable to get clean margins. Also, I had APBI, but it was 16 treatments, over 3 wks + 1 day, external. As I understand it, the 5-day protocol involves twice-daily sessions.

  • Georgia1
    Georgia1 Member Posts: 188
    edited November 2017

    Hi there. I'm probably jumping in too late to be helpful, but I just had a lumpectomy and my surgeon used biozorb. Benefits are that it fills the cavity from the tumor, giving a better cosmetic result, and it helps the oncologist with radiation placement later. I've had no bad effects and am happy with it.

    I'm also stage 1 and about to start 3 weeks of radiation. Partial breast radiation was not an option for me because there was a tiny second tumor next to the primary one.

    Happy to answer questions if anyone is currently looking for help.

  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 7,884
    edited November 2017

    Thanks for sharing your experiences, Georgia1! We wish you all the best with your radiation treatment, and look forward to seeing you on the boards.

    The Mods