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Triple negative mets stage 4 liver and lhng


has anyone tried Canibus oil


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    Hi Sjthood75 - Welcome to!

    You mean cannabis oil? There is a topic called Triple Negative Breast Cancer- Cannabis Oil...Amazing!, in the Alternative Medicine forum, that you may find interesting till you get responses here. There you'll find other members who have tried this product and you can ask them if you want.

    Anyway, we encourage you to post again here and let us know a bit more about you and your diagnosis, so we can better help you and offer the best information and support. We're here for you!

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    Rick simpson Oil (RSO) is great for cancer prevention and treatment. TNBC cancer cells are covered in CBD receptors so it works fast and efficient though it is fatiguing. Found a nano particle CBD oil that I injected instead once daily and had zero negative side effects and tumor was gone in weeks, not months. Able to forego radiation as well. CBD will be a part of our daily diet in the near future to help prevent cancer. Working with Chris Hulliger to help make his medicine available to all! Started Cancer care Registry service to help offset the costs of the oil and other natural treatments that insurance does not cover yet