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Stromal fibrosis???

Lindaerwin Member Posts: 3
edited March 2019 in Waiting for Test Results

Well I'm not sure where to post this and I will try to make short. Sept 2016 had mammogram needed follow up ultrasound they saw hypoiec mass with shadowing possibly cancer. Had core needle biopsy Oct 2016 radiologist made a comment he was sure it would come back cancer but at least it would be caught early probably would only need lumpectomy with some chemo. Which of course scared me to death. Biopsy results came back next day stromal fibrosis no malignancy, no atypia. But yet don't forget prior to that the radiologist swore it was cancer now Its hard for me to believe the b9 pathology. Wish he didn't say that. Dec went for follow up ultrasound on left breast came back stable no change. Went 4/2017 for Mami and ultrasound again stable no change. I don't no what to do now should I get it out? I read about it and stromal fibrosis is not cancer. Now I go Sept 2017 for mammogram and ultrasound as follow up I would like some advice to see what others have to say or have done. It's on my mind all the time especially because radiologist thought for sure it was cancer I guess pathology comes before his comments what would any of you do. Thanks for listening.


  • Tpralph
    Tpralph Member Posts: 281
    edited May 2017

    Sounds like radiologist was wrong. Stroma fibrosis can mimic cancer. They are only human and get it wrong sometimes Thank God,.

    if there hasn't been any changes you don't need to worry. cancer changes, grows, sometimes slow but it still grows

    enjoy your summer and try to not think about it until September. Great that they are continually evaluating it!!

  • Lindaerwin
    Lindaerwin Member Posts: 3
    edited May 2017

    i do understand they can get it wrong but I'm saying he made it worse by commenting. If he woukd of just said we won't know anything till biopsy results come back I wouldn't have it in my head now that maybe pathology was wrong some times saying nothing is better. But I will keep doing what breast doctor says and make sure no changes or growth. Thank you for responding to my post and all the best to you.

  • MTwoman
    MTwoman Member Posts: 228
    edited May 2017

    yes, he made it worse by commenting, but he can't now un-comment. You got your pathology report and it identified what was there, stromal fibrosis. Tpralph is right, some benign things can mimic malignancies. If they had said "normal tissue" then you might believe that they missed the spot. But they identified the "culprit" and they are continuing to make sure that it is stable, which by your report it is. Try your best to let go of what the radiologist said. Mine said "99% sure it's nothing" and he was also wrong. Sometimes they get it wrong.

  • Dele4512
    Dele4512 Member Posts: 1
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    hello I have a question is stromal fibrosis same as (fibrocystic disease) or its diffrent?

  • melissadallas
    melissadallas Member Posts: 929
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    Dele4512, this info should help: