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Ibrance & Letrozole and taking tumeric

Qryche33 Member Posts: 4

I wasn't sure where to put this so I'm going to throw this out there. I am on my 3rd breast cancer diagnosis in 3 years. I have Estrogen + breast cancer. I am taking Ibrance and Letrozole and I've just recently starting taking tumeric with curcumin supplements. I have tried to read all the news I can on this supplement and everything is positive. However I did just read one article that states it could speed up my cancer and should stay away from it. I asked my Onocologist, but he just wants me to stay on the two medications, however, nothing has worked for my breast cancer and I want to start trying to do some things different for myself. Has anyone here any advice for me? Thank you so much!!!


  • husband11
    husband11 Member Posts: 1,273

    Curcumin and tumeric inhibit enzymes cyp3A and cy2c9.

    Ibrance is degraded by enzyme cy3A and the recommendation is to reduce dosage when on another medicine that inhibits cy3A. Strong cyp3A4 inhibitors are to be avoided altogether.

    Letrozole is catalyzed to its active form by enzymes cyp3A4 and cyp2A6. There is a theoretical inhibition of letrozole by curcumin, although from what I have read from Constantine Kalalidis's research, he concludes there is no significant interaction between letrozole and curcumin.

    If it is true that curcumin does not strongly inhibit cyp3A, you should be fine, but you are taking a chance. If it does interfere, it will make letrozole less effective, and make the ibrance potentially stronger, or perhaps too strong. Meaning, increased side effects.

    I've never read that curcumin could speed up cancer. Can you point me to the article?

  • Qryche33
    Qryche33 Member Posts: 4

    Hi, thank you so much for the response. I contacted my Oncologist and he said he does not know much about tumeric to give me enough data, so I have been crazy trying to find answers. I even contacted Pfizer to ask them. I found only this article on the Susan G. Komen site:

    Hormone-sensitive condition such as breast cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, endometriosis, or uterine fibroids: Turmeric contains a chemical called curcumin, which might act like the hormone estrogen. In theory, turmeric might make hormone-sensitive conditions worse. However, some research shows that turmeric reduces the effects of estrogen in some hormone-sensitive cancer cells. Therefore, turmeric might have beneficial effects on hormone-sensitive conditions. Until more is known, use cautiously if you have a condition that might be made worse by exposure to hormones.

    There just isn't enough information out there on tumeric and curcumin.

    Thank you again for your response.


  • husband11
    husband11 Member Posts: 1,273

    Supplements and even some foods can interfere with drug metabolism, so it pays to ask questions. Grapefruit is the classic example, it interferes strongly with cyp3A4 metabolism, and can either weaken a drug's effects, or strengthen them, depending on whether the cyp3a4 enzyme is on the activation side or clearance side of the metabolism of the drug.

  • peaches1
    peaches1 Member Posts: 53

    Hi- Sloan Kettering on their website, has a section where they tell you what supplements interfere with what meds. It is in their complementary medicine section. I don't know if turmeric helps prevent BC, but it supposedly is supposed to help with joint pain you get when you are on antiestrogens, and it does help with inflammation. .

  • Qryche33
    Qryche33 Member Posts: 4

    Right, just not enough research out there on natural medicine.

  • Qryche33
    Qryche33 Member Posts: 4

    I will for sure check that out. Thank you!!

  • 4yourlife
    4yourlife Member Posts: 2

    You can try looking up urine therapy, and also Transfer Factor , you can even combine them. I would avoid sugar and carbs that turn into sugar as much as possible.

  • Mimes4
    Mimes4 Member Posts: 1

    have been looking into mistletoe therapy for my ER+reoccurance to some lymph nodes and liver. Started in July 2017, recently reduced Ibrance dosage, due to neutropenia . Also on Femara. Has your Dr. mentioned mistletoe therapy? Thanks.

  • blueshine
    blueshine Member Posts: 233

    Wat about adding to ibrance and letrozole dandelion roots tea, or the extrat. I read ,that the dandelion roots can kill cancer cells for a short time

  • husband11
    husband11 Member Posts: 1,273

    I too was very enthusiastic about dandylion root curing leukemia when I first heard about it. But I quickly found out that dandylion root may have estrogenic properties, and that ruled out its use by my wife who is ER+. When a plant has estrogenic properties, its difficult to know whether it stimulates breast cancer, or suppresses it, as some estrogen like compounds, tamoxifen for instance, oppose estrogen. It's similar to the dilemma about soy. Good or bad? No one seems to be certain.