alternative to tamoxifen after tubular breast cancer treatment

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I'm Catherine, 52 years old and 2 years ago, I was diagnosed with Tubular breast cancer. The lump was removed as well as all my right arm lymph nodes because 2 nodes were affected. I then had chemotherapy and radiotherapy. And Tamoxifen.

I'm wondering whether it's worth continuing with tamoxifen as it's linked to cancer of the womb, bone thinning and liver changes. I read that alternatives, like eating organic and vegan could help just as much, providing one does exercise and avoids stress. I'm already doing those. I also read that cannabis oil, can be helpful but it's illegal. I'm not doing it as it's illegal and I don't want to get high. Apparently, some medicine exists were the component that makes you high is removed.

Thank you for contacting me if you have any relevant and reliable information.  

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    catherine - when you get a minute, please go to My Profile and enter your diagnosis & treatment to date.

    Second thought - have you talked to your doctor? There are drawbacks & side effects to any treatment, but I think you need to discuss this with your MO. He or she will know the percentage that you are ER/PR positive and why the therapy was prescribed in the first place & be able to guide you from there.

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    Thank you Minus 2:)

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    Here is a study I found. I would talk it over with your doctor and review a few other studies that are on the web. Tubular breast cancer is a rare form of BC so there are not too many studies as other types of BC.

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    Brightsocks thank you for the link to that study. I think I will be passing on taking AI’