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Anyone use Collagen/peptide powder supplements for SEs?

Jiffrig Member Posts: 158

I just started taking collagen powder supplements and they seem to be helping with my anastrzole side effects, joint and muscle pain. Anyone else have luck with this treatment


  • Pry72
    Pry72 Member Posts: 2

    I'm curious about this also... anyone use the collagen powder? I've seen conflicting information- helps protect your skin from radiation but then high doses of collagen can be related to breast cancer.


  • Maru
    Maru Member Posts: 1

    Hi Michelle, where have you read that collagen might be related to breast cancer? do you have a reference o website? I'm having arthritis-like pain in my fingers and have just started to take collagen supplements (can't really tell if they are helping at this stage yet), so would be interested in having more info!

  • dtad
    dtad Member Posts: 771

    This is just a guess but I would think collagen would be related to estrogen. This is why we lose collagen and estrogen simultaneously as we age. So taking it internally could pose a problem. Just my opinion though.

  • rosenunez
    rosenunez Member Posts: 1

    Hi, I was taking collagen for my arthritis in my hands and for my hair and skin but I started reading about women with dense breast and at risk for breast cancer should not take it. My radiologist told me to STOP!! So I did, its a risk I do not want to take

  • ErinIrelan123
    ErinIrelan123 Member Posts: 1

    I started taking collagen six months ago when I heard about all the wonderful possibilities with hair, skin, and nails and was enjoying beautiful results, until last week when I noticed a egg-sized tumor growing in my right breast. Coincidence? Hmmmmm. Not worth taking collagen ladies. I go to the doctor next week (to be continued.....)

  • summerspring
    summerspring Member Posts: 14

    I also had started collagen powder about a month before I noticed the lump. I have always wondered if it contributed...