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I developed a Suroma a couple of weeks after a lumpectomy eight months ago. It has reduced in size a little. But still feeling pain. Went in for an aspiration. They now tell me that the blood has thickened and was not able to remove much. Now what I need is surgery to cut and remove it. Or live with the pain. Has anyone had anything like this happen to them.


  • Fiddler
    Fiddler Member Posts: 59
    edited August 2017

    I had a Seroma that caused a great deal of nerve pain because it was pressing on some nerves. The doctors all seemed to feel it was best to let it dissipate on its own. I've heard you can have them drained but then they will often come back. I think I would be cautious about having surgery for this, maybe you should get a second opinion.

    Mine took a long time to disappear but the nerve pain only lasted about three or four weeks. The doc recommended I go back to the post surgery meds for the pain and gave me an additional prescription,which helped somewhat.

  • elizabethjayne
    elizabethjayne Member Posts: 1
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    I, too, developed a seroma immediately after my sixteenth radiation treatment. After almost three weeks, there is still pain. During the procedure, I attempted to question my surgeon in reference to why a drain was not inserted following my lumpectomy a few months earlier. Also, for the prior two weeks, there was a blood-tinged discharge from the nipple--with no pain. My Radiologist didn't appear concerned until after the breast became painfully engorged, hard and warm to the touch! I still haven't received any answers as to what happened!