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Sharp pain in Left Breast?

KyaMae2017 Member Posts: 2
edited January 2018 in Not Diagnosed But Worried

I would first off like to say to everyone on here with Breast Cancer. Stay strong and you are amazing.

Well I do not have Breast cancer I believe. I've been having sharp pain in my left breast. No I am not pregnant nor near my time of month.. This pain has been with me for about 2 weeks or so. I yet have not been able to make an appointment. I'm scared to make an appointment and it ending up being nothing. But it's been 2 weeks. The pain happens just by touching something to my breast sometimes its both breasts but usually my Left one. The pain never goes away even if I'm sitting doing nothing. Should I be concerned?


  • MTwoman
    MTwoman Member Posts: 228

    KyaMae, So sorry you are here with breast health concerns. I can't tell you if you should be concerned. What I can tell you is that any new or concerning breast symptom should be evaluated by your doctor. There are, however, some factors that might make you feel better. You don't mention your age, which is only relevant in that young women have a drastically reduced likelihood of having bc (young women ages 20-34 only represent 1.8% of all bc diagnoses in the US). In addition, breast pain is, unfortunately, quite prevalent. Here are 2 different threads by a radiologist who frequents these boards:

    the link above is for a thread on common benign causes of breast pain. This could be helpful after you've been evaluated, if no definitive cause has been determined.

    The link above provides more information on breast pain.

    So get your breast pain evaluated, but don't worry overly much. Good luck!

  • fishergirl12
    fishergirl12 Member Posts: 1

    Hi!  I was the same way.  I had pain in my left breast for a long time.  It would range from sharp, stabbing, to dull ache and burning, to sore to the touch.  I wanted to believe it was only around my cycle because that would tie in to hormonal changes, but my breast pain had no pattern, as you indicate yours does not.

    I put off a mammogram, doctor's visit, everything for 3 years.  I had a mammo in 2014 where I was supposed to go back and get rechecked in 6 month intervals.  I never got rechecked because I was afraid.

    Fast forward to four weeks ago, I felt a lump in my left breast.  I had not ever felt a lump so it scared me to death.  I was panicked thinking that my negligence had turned into cancer and maybe the pain meant it was a large tumor.  I felt like an idiot because I have small children.  Finally, I got the courage, after much prayer, to go to the Breast Care center and get my Diagnostic Mammogram and Ultrasound.  I laid there fully expecting them to find cancer in my left breast and they found nothing.  They did, however, find a mass in my right breast that seemed large and seemed to be growing rapidly.  They wanted to biopsy it to confirm it wasn't cancer. I was petrified! 

    I somehow found peace of mind to get through these past two weeks.  I got my results today and thank God it was a benign fibroadenoma.  My left breast showed many fibrocystic changes and with that, my cycle makes my breast lumpier and cyst can pop up. 

    I commented on your post because I convinced myself I was fine for 3 years, but I lived in constant fear of what they would find when I went in to get my breast looked at.  Today, I realize, I was a nervous wreck the past three years and getting the confirmation of my own "googled diagnosis" and confirmation that my breast don't show signs of cancer is beyond a relief.

    I encourage you to go in and check it looked at.  What pushed me to go, besides the lump, is the fact a woman I grew up with rapidly declined and subsequently passed away from breast cancer that had made it's way to her liver.  The last thing she told me, via Messenger on Facebook, is that if I felt anything odd with my breast, go get it checked out.  Her words resonated when no one else's would.  I thank her for giving me what I needed to go in and get peace of mind!

  • KyaMae2017
    KyaMae2017 Member Posts: 2

    Oh that's so good to hear. I will have to schedule next week. I've been holding off and didn't know what to because what if it's nothing but also what if it is something? Thank you for telling me your story very helpful.

  • misspristy
    misspristy Member Posts: 1

    I'll be 40 in June 2018. Had a partial hysterectomy for cervical cancer when I was 30. I had dull pain in my left breast and and when it turned into a sharp pain I finally did a self examination. I found a lump. I even made my husband feel it to be sure. He felt it too. I went to the Dr. last week and she felt it also. Just this past weekend I started having terrible muscle soreness in my left shoulder and neck that I cannot shake. I have a mammogram and an ultrasound scheduled for next week. I'm so stressed out!

  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 8,089

    Dear misspristy,

    Welcome to the BCO community. We are sorry that you are dealing with this breast change. It also sounds like the new muscle soreness is adding to your worry. Unfortunately the uncertainty before and waiting for testing and answers can exacerbate stress. Please keep us posted about what you learn. It sounds like you are taking all of the necessary steps to arrive at some answers. In the meantime try to find some ways to distract yourself. We are sending you warm thoughts. The Mods

  • LadyBee
    LadyBee Member Posts: 1

    I've been having breast pain on the left for 2 years and chalked it up to changing hormones. It's increased in frequency and strength. It's most often a searing/stabbing pain. It also hurts to the touch. I finally was referred to schedule an ultrasound (I'm 26 and they won't do a mammogram on me) and they found a lump. The radiologist said it was "likely a galactocele". Something inside me told me that can't be correct. I have a FNA (fine needle aspiration) scheduled for 10/17. If the lump doesn't produce what they suspect, they'll biopsy since I'll already be numb. I, too, am nervous but hoping it's a cyst and collapses on aspiration. I hope the best for you! If you make the appointment and it turns out to be nothing, that's fantastic! Better safe than sorry!

  • Constant_worrier
    Constant_worrier Member Posts: 1

    Hi AllNerdy

    First would like to say that i hope each and every one of you ladies found some strength (and peace) while waiting on further tests and diagnosis results.

    I'd just like to share as well because I have an extremely fibrocystic left breast. (4-5 fibroads, 5 cyts; cup size a) Went for 2 (at age 23 and 25) ultrasounds in a span of 2 years (currently 26) to confirm that my fibroadenoma were the same size.

    Right around my menses, I would get sharp shooting pains only on my left breast in the exact spot where my fibroad was. Pain lasts 3 -6 seconds. Reduces in frequency as my period approaches. It was still scary because it was in a single breast, which was already very problematic.

    Like many I see on this forum, I simply ignored my growths...for 2 years infact. I lived in a constant state of panic and what ifs. DR Google was basically good in telling me I had symptoms of ever u type of cancer out there. I fell very sick after spending weeks on self diagnosis and reading up on possibilities.

    Nothing appeased me other than speaking with my Dr. So best to check it out asap...i identify with the scary fear of getting less than desired results...but putting your body through months on anxiety and stress over a possible diagnosis (by delaying checkups) is way more damaging.

    I can say for sure that this community never gave me an answer to my pains and weird symptoms, but each topic encouraged and motivated me to take charge of my health and treatment plans. I am ever so grateful.

    Going in for further biopsies and trying to remoan +ve for now.

    Sending love and hugs <3