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Weird pain top breast near collar bone

andia Member Posts: 6
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This is my first post, but I have been reading for many months now. I am 46 and feel like my breasts are changing becoming more fibrocystic as I believe I am entering perimenopause (periods are changing).

I had a 3D mammogram followed by u/s almost 6 months ago as I have "extremely dense breasts" and also lots of cysts. There were cysts found as well as one complicated cyst on the left, which is only 3.7mm that gave me a birads 3 follow up with u/s in 6 months. This has caused me anxiety, but was told it was too small to biopsy. I am due to have the u/s in a few weeks, but it's been a tough 6 months on my anxiety.

I also have been feeling a weird pain on the other breast. I feel pain high up on the breast just under the collar bone. It feels tender, and skin feels sensitive to touch. I don't feel any hard lumps, but if i push hard, i think i feel a possible lymph node? Its hard to say, but seems to feel sore aching and i'm trying not to palpatate it too much as i think its making it hurt more.

I plan on asking them to check it at my u/s as i think its too high up to get mammogram on that area. Has anyone any insight on what could cause pain high up?

I am very anxious, thanks for any advice.