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My 23 Year Old daughters Inverted Nipple :(

Jackie52 Member Posts: 1
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Hello!! My name is jackie and the reason I am here posting is because I have a situation that I'm in no way familiar with and am scared out of my wits!! :(. I have twin daughters Erika and Anaise ..They're 23 and will be 24 on 11/29... Yesterday my daughter Erika (older by 8 minutes)was in the bathroom and I noticed she was messing with one of her Breast ..when I go to help her I see that her left nipple is inverted :(. She says it's been like that for over 2 months.... no. Lumps or masses just the inverted nipple...I am on my way to the hospital with her now...:(. The minute I searched 23 years old inverted nipple ...= CANCER!! 😥😢😪ANYONE HAD A SIMILAR EXPERIENCE????? CAN SOMEONE PLEASE SHARE SOME LIGHT?????


  • MTwoman
    MTwoman Member Posts: 228
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    Jackie, in case you haven't left yet, please do not take your daughter to the hospital for an inverted nipple. Call her primary care doctor or ob/gyn to see her urgently. They will be able to do a breast exam and order an ultra sound to further evaluate your daughter's breast. The ER isn't set up to do those types of evaluations. Also, to help you feel a bit calmer, the incidence of breast cancer in 23 year olds is pretty low:

    Image result for prevalence of breast cancer in women in us by age

    Please notice that she (and her twin) is in the age group that encompasses 15 years worth of young women and represents only 1.8% of the breast cancer diagnoses in the US. Please do make sure she follows up with her doctor, but try not to dwell on the (very statistically unlikely) worst case scenario. Good luck!