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One swollen breast, no other symptoms

coffeecat Member Posts: 1
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Hey guys, so I've been stressing out about this and can't find any answers that sound plausible and was wondering if anyone else has had something similar. The other day I noticed my left breast was pretty swollen--over a cup size bigger. It felt like it happened almost overnight, but I can't be sure. Definitely not more than two weeks. I don't have any other symptoms. The breast is hanging a lot lower than the other and you can see more veins in it, but otherwise it doesn't feel different. My doctor did a breast exam and couldn't feel anything odd either, but she ordered me an ultrasound for this friday.

I feel like it gets bigger each time I look at it now (my imagination probably) and it's freaking me out. I really don't think it's breast cancer because I'm only 21 and don't really have a family history of it, and there's no other symptoms. But whenever I try to google it the only thing that really comes up is IBC and it's really frustrating. I don't really have anyone to talk to about this, and I feel stupid getting so stressed out about it but I feel so unbalanced. I can't even wear my bras anymore. I'm more worried that the ultrasound isn't going to show anything than that it's going so show something like cancer. I was on antibiotics for strep throat when I noticed the difference, but I've since finished those. I've had the implanon implant for birth control for almost a year and a half now--I feel like that's too long for this kind of side effect to pop up from it, but I don't know.

Has anyone ever had this happen to them? Were you able to figure out what was causing it? If so, was it reversible? Or were you at least able to make it stop?


  • moderators
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    Hi coffeecat, and welcome to We are sorry that these breast changes have brought you here but we are glad that you reached out!

    Please let us know how it goes with the ultrasound. We know the waiting is truly one of the hardest parts, so come and vent anytime you need. And try to keep calm and keep yourself distracted by doing things you like, being with friends and family, etc. Hopefully you'll get good advice from the other members here shortly, too!

    Please, let us know how you're doing and how the US goes!

    The Mods

  • Mtnka
    Mtnka Member Posts: 1
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    This sounds really similar to what's been going on with me! Mine is also painful off and on too (but it's pretty much always been). My left was always a bit larger - but now it's like 2 cup sizes :( agree clothes are impossible. Oh and I'm 25.

    I noticed before my period in July - thought it was weird only left was swelling but it didn't go back to normal after (it got somewhat smaller though and swells again the next PMS) got an ultrasound early September which was fine. Radiologist just said it was very "dense" at the time.

    My GP's office called and said report was fine not to worry. But I've waited long enough now and it's still too big. Going to make an appointment to discuss it.

    Can relate to google IBC -got me so freaked out honestly. I'm paranoid my nipple's changed but also I've never obsessed so much over it before to know what's normal

    I hope your ultrasound is clear and you get some answers!

  • BrandiJo2077
    BrandiJo2077 Member Posts: 1
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    Has anyone gotten answers?? I’m 23 and my left breast has doubled in size over a short 6 days. My doctor didn’t feel any lumps and told me to wait 2 weeks. My period has come and gone. I document change with photos and can easily tell it’s growing every day. Tender to touch. Also my left lymph nodes in Mundy neck, collar bone, and armpit are swollen. Curious what happened with y’all yall!

  • Helenb87
    Helenb87 Member Posts: 1
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    hello! Also Just wondering if anyone else has got any answers to this problem? The same thing has happened to me over the past 2 weeks or so! Couldn’t get in to doctor today and feeling very worried

  • melissadallas
    melissadallas Member Posts: 929
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    Considering they had single posts more than likely there was nothing wrong with them