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Hypersensitive skin/nerves after mastectomy



  • CHOCO1818
    CHOCO1818 Member Posts: 12

    Hi, I had BMX May 2021 and I swear my chest and arm felt tight for at least 2.5 months if not more. to the point where I couldn't or didn't want to stand up straight. difficult to raise arm to shave. funny this stuff the Drs never mentioned. around Oct-ish 2021 I started experiencing frozen shoulder on my right side which is the problematic side of BC. I had 3 surgeries total: lumpectomy, lymph node, then BMX. no other treatments, drugs etc. I am under PT who specializes in breast area but she mostly works on my scar tissue. Lets see how long frozen shoulder will stick around. very unpleasant. good luck to anyone who's dealing with pain after surgery. Keep the faith.

  • lw422
    lw422 Member Posts: 1,399

    Hi Choco1818. So sorry to hear about your frozen shoulder and other recovery issues. It's terrible the things we have to endure after the nightmare of cancer treatment. Hope you feel better soon.

  • rah2464
    rah2464 Member Posts: 1,192

    Choco1818 keep at it with the PT work. They should also work on your shoulder along with any lymphatic massage or deep scar tissue relief you need. Sometimes I think if you experience the hypersensitivity you are at higher risk to have these other issues. I know my shoulder improved a lot once I had revision surgery to remove all the scar tissue. I struggled for about 2 years then had to just trust my PS that she could make this better and boy was she ever right. Shoulder still somewhat of an issue (my LPT believes in part because we bow inward protecting ourselves unconsciously) so have been working on releasing the shoulder with massage and acupuncture. It has helped tremendously. My best to you hope it begins to improve

  • minustwo
    minustwo Member Posts: 13,116

    Rah - perfect!!! >>>because we bow inward protecting ourselves unconsciously<<<

    I unconsciously straightened up my shoulders when I read this - before I even realized I was doing it. And I'm 7 years past the last treatment so really nothing to protect, but still I sit and walk "hunched". Urgh... I need to make sticky notes to post all over the house to continuously remind myself to throw my shoulders back.

  • saltmarsh
    saltmarsh Member Posts: 192

    Y'all… I so appreciate those who have shared already in this thread.

    This suuuuuuuuuuucks. I guess I should just be grateful it didn't start earlier, as I see it did for some of you. I am about two and a half years out from my reconstructive surgery, and just started having what seems to be nerve pain two weeks ago. Started out as a sore spot on the lateral side of my reconstructed breast, spread down to wrap around the bottom over the next 24 hours, then started radiating across it by the end of that weekend, and then started radiating through to my back/shoulder. It is a constant ache that feels like sunburn, plus lights up like fire if anything brushes the area. It hurts more when I get cold. And I live in New England. And temps have been in the single digits.

    My medical oncologist did an MRI, which showed nothing, and while I am grateful that what I was imagining was not there, they didn't really have any further recommendations, so I have reached out to my surgical oncologist. But meanwhile, it hurts like the Dickens, and I am wondering how to handle this. Looking at what folks have said here, I guess I'll start by trying some arnica cream on there, since I already have some.

    Thank you again to all previous posters!